Xbox Game Pass has released the ultimate life hack for PC gamers

Xbox Game Pass has released the ultimate life hack for PC gamers ...

PC gamers can now see an accurate breakdown of how long a Game Pass game takes to complete it before it can be booted up.

Xbox Game Pass comes with a slew of cool features for console gamers on Xbox Series X|S, like the recent Discord integration. But the recent update is one for PC Game Pass, and Xbox has teamed up with HowLongToBeat to let you know how long it takes to complete a title in your PC Game Pass library.

The new feature, which is now available on the Xbox blog (opens in a new tab), is perfect for trophy hunters and busy gamers alike. It''s also excellent for deciding whether or not you can smash through Death Stranding or any of the other eligible best PC games before your subscription expires.

Save your time as well as your progress

The HowLongToBeat feature is now live, and it provides recommendations for various play styles. Completionists are as well as those of you who prefer to run through the entire campaign and leave it there.

HowLongToBeat is a community-driven website that''s dedicated to providing information on game lengths. Regardless, the times shown will be a fairly exact guide, but you may always assist it become even more effective by sending your own times.

The moment is when there are four categories, sorted like so.

More information is available on the official website (opens in a new tab) for those who are nerdier, including community reviews, playthrough notes, descriptions, and even more information that''s been diffused by platform and style.

The Xbox App''s launch speed has risen 15%, as well as improved responsiveness when it comes to "key experiences." Crash-free sessions have fallen, which we like to hear, and statistics of games that aren''t downloading or installing correctly.

The Xbox Insider program will allow you to test out new console and UI features before anyone else. If that sounds like it might be of interest, here''s a peek at all of the information and how to sign up on the website.

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