Wix wants more portfolio websites to be reimagined and ready

Wix wants more portfolio websites to be reimagined and ready ...

Wix has launched a new portfolio website builder (opens in a new tab) solution that allows users to customize layouts to simplify the process of creating professional online collections.

Wix Portfolio is now available in multiple languages and allows users to alter the appearance of their website without having to enter each project page separately and update it individually.

The Wix Owner App allows web designers to customize and manage their portfolio websites.

Portfolio site builder upgrade

Users who have already created their brand and are presenting their work on other channels can sync existing portfolio projects on external platforms, such as Dribbble, Instagram, DeviantArt, and Google Photos.

Any updates on the synced channels will then be updated to Wix Portfolio.

According to Ronny Elkayam, the CEO of Wix, we recognized the need to expand on our existing portfolio offering so that users may create and display their work in an intuitive way, and eventually build on it to market themselves and earn money.

Even the most basic portfolio creation, the process to build a portfolio can be challenging and with Wix Portfolio, users have more extensive capabilities and advanced design capabilities to quickly and easily create a beautiful portfolio.

The new program allows users to add services and take bookings from the Wix dashboard, as well as additional features such as font changes and navigation buttons.

According to Wix, about 40% of users are displaying a portfolio page on their website. With that in mind, Wix believes the new approach will help users focus less on the web design process, as the website builder (opens in a new tab) continues to focus on increasing the speed in which users can start sites.