When you need it, Shure's elite new wired ears can switch to wireless

When you need it, Shure's elite new wired ears can switch to wireless ...

Shure has just unveiled the second generation of its SE846 Sound Isolating headphones, which can be used between wired and wireless devices to suit your needs.

The Shure AONIC Free and Shure AONIC 50 earbuds have consistently impressed us with their audio quality, and the Shure SE846 earbuds have promised to deliver the same high-quality in a unique package.

The new Shure earbuds will have the same drivers as their predecessor to achieve this goal.

Reviewers expressed their admiration for the incredibly detailed audio rendering and gorgeous yet silky but comfortable handling of tones at both upper and lower registers, therefore Shure should be reusing the parts for its second generation buds as a positive rather than a negative.

That said, the audio is still getting an upgrade to its audio, with an improvement to its high-frequency extension, which further enhances clarity and reportedly adds a desirable airy appearance to the audio.

Another benefit these earbuds will be borrowing is their clear casing, which allows audiophiles to spy on the devices'' inner workings. However, for the second SE846s, there are two new designs in Jade (green) and Graphite (silver) for individuals who want a more traditional-looking pair of earphones.

If there is a flaw there always is, isn''t there a reason why the Shure SE846 Gen 2 headphones will cost $899 (around 770 / AU$1,300) or $999 (around 855 / AU$1,450) for the headphones.

The SE846 Gen 2 has detachable cables, which you may remove when using a wireless adapter instead. Shure calls this the "True Wireless Adapter" and is sure enough it''s design to keep them in motion. If you want ridiculously high-end true wireless headphones, this is the place to go. aptX support, plus eight hours play time (and 32 hours including the charging case).

The price is certainly high, and one pair of sunglasses might be available instead of the Sony WF-1000XM4. The originals were well worth it for audiphiles, and we don''t doubt that these will be as well, although we''ll aim to test them once they''re out. Shure is quietly a huge hit with music professionals behind the scenes, and these look to continue that tradition, mainly with the option of wireless connectivity.