Heres whats new in Google Photos

Heres whats new in Google Photos ...

Three years ago, Google Photos launched its new Memories feature, which automatically collected your photographs into fictional stories similar to those discovered on Instagram or Snapchat. At the time, these stories were completely private, but they are now on the verge of being changed. Assuming you want it to, that is.

Google has announced today that it is allowing for sharing moments easier, which is similar to what it claims to be the most significant update to Memories since its publication. This feature also includes a new collage editor, which allows you to create and share custom creations more easily.

This new version is now out today, and according to Google, more videos will be shown in the app. Specifically, the best snippets from your longer videos that will be automatically selected and reduced.

Google Photos will have a more dynamic appearance, with a subtle zoom that adds some movement and that, along with music, is expected to make the newly created Memories more immersive.

Crucially, this will differ from the dynamic zoom used in the 3D-inspired Cinematic Photos feature that was first introduced in 2020. However, Cinematic Photos is also getting an update, which will apparently transform several still photographs into an end-to-end cinematic experience. Music is also being added to make photos feel a little more like a movie.

If all of that was enough, a new Styles feature will automatically add graphics and artwork to your Memories. After this arrives on your phone, a number of designs will be available, and Google will likely continue to add more in the future.

The new collage creator tools gives you the option to get your own creative juices flowing, including the photos, the designs, and the layout.

Google Photos is offering you the option to edit photographs in the collage editor. This option is available to everyone, though Google One members and Pixel owners will have access to 30 additional features.

The most significant improvement is the ability to share Memories with others. Google has apparently been debating this option for a long time, and the company has now agreed to acquiesce. That option will be available on Android devices as part of this new upgrade, so in a few taps you''ll be able to share those memories as you would anywhere else, whether it be a photo or a video.

Unfortunately, iOS and web users will have to wait a while to get the same experience. While how much longer isnt clear, Google is revealing that the feature will be forthcoming.