A future Windows 11 update is coming to full-screen devices

A future Windows 11 update is coming to full-screen devices ...

A recent Insider build that''s available for download has finally happened for your Windows 11 widgets.

If you''re a member of the Windows Insider program (opens in a new tab) on the Dev Channel, where you may install Windows 11 updates that are made up of features that are currently in use, you may try out a new view of widgets where they cover your desktop in build 25201.

Widgets are in the works nowadays, with Google and Apple also implementing them in new and different ways to assist us in managing important information at a glance. At the moment, the iPhone 14 line is a popular feature on the Lock Screen, but there is still a lot of untapped potential on desktop computers, something that Apple has yet to do in MacOS Ventura.

This is most likely why we''re seeing Windows 11 widgets be improved, not only to get them there first, but to do it in a way that makes sense for the operating system on desktops and laptops.

Widgets are ''''in'''' this year

Widgets on Windows have existed since Windows Vista, when they were named ''Gadgets.'' They were slow, locked to the right-hand side, would crash constantly on my laptop, and barely any were helpful; eventually, they were abandoned by Microsoft.

Windows 11 will be released in full swing, and the upcoming major update and widgets are making a comeback. It''s also encouraging that Microsoft is already working on how widgets work and how they look. With macOS Ventura expected to launch in October, it''s an opportunity for Microsoft to set the standard for operating widgets on a PC.

This increased view will be a great help to further prove this, particularly how the game Pass widget will re-enable you to the most recent games.

Certain that this feature might be delayed for a future update, such as the ''Moment,'' but it''s encouraging to already see progress for widgets, and that Microsoft isn''t prepared to leave them until the end.