Hey Google is coming to an end with a leaked Google Assistant update

Hey Google is coming to an end with a leaked Google Assistant update ...

According to leaks, using your Google Assistant to control your property may soon become a lot easier.

For the majority of the time, if you want to get your Google Assistant to do something, you must first make the wake word (Hey Google) before making the command.

Quick phrases have passed away with the wake word, and once enabled you may instruct Google to turn the kitchen lights on or ask "What''s the weather forecast," without having to say " Hey Google all over again."

The Google Pixel 6 and Google Nest Hub Max are now available, and the feature on the latter might be undergoing an upgrade.

Which phrases can you use?

There is not yet a word about how the feature will work exactly, but Google has already used a warning that there are a few guidelines to ensure these [quick phrases] work well, and you will be guided if there are any issues. This suggests that you will not have full control over creating custom commands, but you must wait and see how restrictive these guidelines are.

For the time being, custom quick phrases appear on the Nest Hub Max, but with the regular feature already on the Pixel 6, you can see them on Google''s best phone. When the Pixel 7 comes out, you may see custom quick phrases coming to the Google Pixel 7 as well.