Battery Percentage Support for Older Models Comes to iOS 16.1 Beta 1 and Clean Energy Charging Increased

Battery Percentage Support for Older Models Comes to iOS 16.1 Beta 1 and Clean Energy Charging Incre ...

Apple''s first iOS 16.1 beta has been released, which includes changes to existing features, upgrades to previously unsupported devices, and additional enhancements that was previously promised at its WWDC 2022 developer event in June. Those interested should keep an eye on the fact that the 16.1 beta version is now in beta, so that there is no guarantee that it will be released next month.

According to XDA Developers, the iOS 16.1 update will disrupt the software update process, which is not recommended for regular users to try out until Apple fixes it.

Here''s a list of new features and modifications seen in iOS 16.1:

Battery Percentage Indicator

Apple has added the status bar battery percentage indicator on all iPhone models, such as the iPhone XR, the iPhone 11, the iPhone 12, and the most recent iPhone 13 mini. In an earlier report, we failed to understand why this much-awaited feature never reached older devices, and it''s still unclear why that happened. The iOS 16.1 beta 1 has added the battery percentage feature to these devices.

According to a report from MacRumours, the latest beta has added support for the indicator on older models. The percentage indicator was removed with the introduction of the iPhone X and the introduction of the display notch which houses the TrueDepth camera that is needed to unlock iPhone models that utilize Apple''s Face ID 3D facial recognition technology. Apple has somewhat remedied the issue with the introduction of the new Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone Pro Max models. The battery percentage display is a much-awaited

Matter Foundations

Matter is a new smart home standard that basically aims to connect to all kinds of devices from different brands and platforms (including Apple, Samsung, Google, and Amazon). In the iOS 16.1 beta 1, we have finally begun seeing Apple support home accessories compatible with Matter. Everything is in the early stages, along with support for pairing Matter home accessories and integrating the same with Apple Home. We should expect more updates in future releases.

Clean Energy Charging

This technology was unveiled during the launch of iOS 16. Apple stated that it would reduce the carbon footprint of the iPhone by optimizing charging times for users who are using cleaner energy sources. It appears to be a more efficient way to charge your iPhone, but will only be available in the United States for now. In the Battery section, the toggle will appear.

Apple Wallet can be deleted

Live Activities, minor changes

As part of the latest beta, Apple''s Live Activities API will allow developers to receive notifications that pop up at the bottom of the lock screen and show information about live activities, including navigation routes, food deliveries, ride-sharing info. A new icon is also available, which allows users to customize the lock screen more easily by tapping and holding the lock screen to view the customisation menu.