We'd like to hear about iPhone 15 on sept aspects (yes, already)

We'd like to hear about iPhone 15 on sept aspects (yes, already) ...

We know, but the iPhone 14 series has just begun making shelves. However, as soon as we have seen this years wares, there are still plenty of things we''d like to see from the iPhone 15 once September 2023 rolls around.

Some of our goals are aligned with what we have heard about next year''s devices, while others are purely leaned from Team Stuff''s warped minds. What might be better?

The Dynamic Island was released this year by Apple; the iPhone 14 Pro is like a camera cut-out at the top of the display. Instead of leaving a gap for the sensors, the shaped has been expanded into iOS. The Dynamic Island can display widgets, timers, and quick controls. Its like a mini multitasking bar for the iPhone.

Because Apple has certainly done a lot of work on Dynamic Island, we don''t anticipate it to go anywhere anytime soon. We don''t expect it to, however, because all iPhone 15 models will have access to the Dynamic Island. It''s time to get rid of the notch for good, especially on lower-end devices.

Wed also anticipate some tweaks to the Dynamic Island, as well as some additional functionality. Island-pink widgets, anyone?

Face ID has demonstrated a major flaw it requires to see your face as people are masked up over the past couple of years. Apple has implemented several tweaks, including using the Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone, or even disregarding the mask on your face from iOS 15.4.

While these solutions have worked, Face ID being able to recognize you with a mask on does pose some security issues. If only there was another option Apple already has up its sleeve.

What better time to return Touch ID to the iPhone, either on display or in the power button. It''s faster, more reliable, and is well-known on the market. Plus, if Apple includes both Face ID and Touch ID on the iPhone 15, it will be the most secure smartphone on the market.

The rumour mill has churned out that 8K video recording will be available on the iPhone. Were yet to see it in the iPhone, but its a massive Yes, please! from us. With the new 48MP snapper on the iPhone 14 Pro devices, we have never met the camera technology we need for 8K video.

The iPhone is already the best smartphone for video recording, and its 8K capabilities will only stifle the iPhone 15 to a whole new high. Were beginning to see 8K displays become more commonplace, so it''s time you could record content to watch in all those crispy pixels.

Yes, we wanted this for the iPhone 14, which is ok for the iPhone 14. This time, perhaps it is time for Apple to remove the ports from the iPhone.

Apples own Lightning connector can no longer cut it. USB-C holds the crown as the de-facto standard. Its much faster, less expensive, and it will certainly make its way to the iPhone next year, from 2024, the EU requires all charging ports to go to USB-C.

It''s a tricky thing to keep an eye on. Some interesting claims suggest Apple would remove the ports from the iPhone entirely, like the headphone jack with iPhone 7, and the SIM tray with iPhone 14 but that would require a substantial upgrade in the iPhone''s wireless charging capabilities. However, others argue that Apple will only use a USB-C port, even though it isn''t sure if the iPhone is eventually gone.

Apple Watch Series 7 demonstrates how to recover devices without a port (previous Apple Watches had a diagnostic port)? Could this guide devices to recovery by using a wireless connection? If you can charge, move files, and manually recover your iPhone from MagSafe, why does it matter? It''s a lot faster to recover devices without a port.

Couple this with the fact that most people are using wireless headphones, e-SIMs, and AirDrop, and some believe it is time to remove all of the iPhone ports once and for all. Lets see Jonny Ives'' design ambition for the iPhone come true.

Multiple cameras at an angle are required for a smartphone camera to reduce the size, improve zoom, and increase the megapixel count. Weve seen Samsung''s flagships head up to 100x zoom, and others are experimenting with the advanced camera technology. We now want it to be compatible with the iPhone.

Apple might finally remove the camera bump, match Samsung''s excellent zoom capabilities, and improve overall picture quality. The iPhone already has some of the best camera technologies available, so why not include the most recent and most powerful cameras?

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According to reports, Apple is developing a subscription model for its hardware products, the iPhone. Instead of buying an iPhone outright or paying it off over a contract, you might be renting it.

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You may save money on your iPhone package with a subscription like this. Apple might also throw in all the bells and whistles. Think your iPhone, AppleCare, and Apple One all in one monthly subscription.

Apple would not need any extra technology to make this work, but was still hearing that it may launch later this year. While we were not sure Apple will get the service out in time for the iPhone 14 series, we see no reason this would not be available until the next year.

We did not reveal any information about the iPhones design or chipset, according to reports of the iPhone 14 upgrade from Jon Prosser. In recent months, the Apple community was concerned that the redesign would be rescheduled to iPhone 15.

Although we presume there might have been some changes since the initial leak, wed wager that the camera bump will be reduced or removed, the SIM tray will be removed on all versions, and there will be additional tweaks to the Dynamic Island. There is no doubt the standard iPhone 15 will receive the Pro A16 from the Pro, while the Pro will receive a new chip.

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