Apple's iOS 16 release feels like a conference, and it is something Android will never have

Apple's iOS 16 release feels like a conference, and it is something Android will never have ...

In early April 2022, I purchased an iPhone 13 Pro. This marked the very first time I purchased one of Apple''s smartphones. Six months later, I still marvel at the device, even with the release of the impressive new iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone Pro Max. I love my iPhone so much that im never returning to Android. It''s legitimately one of the best iPhones and best phones out there.

The new operating system provides a variety of changes to existing features that simplify things while making apps like Maps, Messages, and Mail more powerful. These aren''t big changes, but they add up to a happier iPhone experience. This week, Apple will release iOS 16 for the first time.

One of the things that struck me off-guard was the result of the iOS 16 launch. Despite how widespread iPhones are in America, my entire Twitter feed was watched by people sharing their opinions. However, this shouldn''t have been surprising given the fact that iOS 16 was widely used in the United States. However, it was a lot of fun seeing folks react to iOS 16, as well as sharing additional editing and deleting texts.

The iOS 16 release was a celebration and it made me realize how I never experienced anything like that as an Android user. In fact, global OS launches on the scale of Apples are something something Android will never have, which is a shame. This experience has all but ensured that Im staying put within the Apple ecosystem. But I do not mind.

The release of iOS 16 was similar to many major console firmware updates.

The iOS 16 release reminded me of the hype surrounding new PS5 and Xbox Series X firmware updates. For example, the latest PS5 firmware update had a 1440p output, although with one big flaw. This may result in delays when a new update only has stability patches, but when a game-changing update happens, its a huge event for console owners.

I''ve been involved in the PS3 and PS4 firmware update training for nearly 15 years. Yes, console firmware updates arent usually as significant as an Apple OS upgrade, but being part of the iOS 16 release sparked the same emotions. It''s something I''ll look forward to from now on, as I''ll continue keeping an eye on fresh console firmware updates.

Android isn''t capable of repeating Apple''s operating system launches.

Apple''s operating systems are only available on the company''s devices. I believe it''s the most efficient and user-friendly ecosystem in all of technology. It may exert quality control over everything it produces, and also dictate when operating systems launch. This could, however, result in significant upgrades, such as iPadOS 16 being delayed until after iOS 16.

However, Android 13 is currently available on Pixel devices like the Google Pixel 6. This isn''t the case for some of the best Samsung phones or the best OnePlus phones. Some may have to wait months for the new Android version. Because of that, it''s impossible to celebrate a new OS release if you get it later than everyone else, or installed it months before your friends were able to. This isn''t a problem for Apple users.


It''s going to be a fun day for novice Apple users like myself. Not only are I optimistic about iOS 17 and beyond, but im also anticipating iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura. Im not sure if these will unleash the joy of iOS 16, but for tech enthusiasts like me and me.

I doubt well that Android OS launches similar to Apples might be successful in solving platforms fragmentation, but I don''t see how it can do that without Android''s open-ended nature. In the meantime, I''ll continue enjoying the celebratory appearance of Apple OS launches.