In response to antitrust concerns over Apple Pay, iOS 16.1 will allow users to delete the wallet app. [U: Confirmed]

In response to antitrust concerns over Apple Pay, iOS 16.1 will allow users to delete the wallet app ...

Apple on Tuesday surprised developers with the release of both iOS 16.0 beta 7 and iPadOS 16.1 beta 1. Nonetheless, neither update does include significant changes, but it appears that Apple will soon let users delete the wallet app from their devices with iOS 16.1.

iPadOS 16.1 beta is only available for iPad at this point, as Apple has confirmed that the release of iPadOS 16 has been delayed until a later date. As such, iOS 16.0 is expected to be released for iPhone users in the coming weeks, while iPadOS 16 will be released as version 16.1 later this fall.

The Wallet app, once known as Passbook, is a popular iPhone app that allows users to manage tickets, transit cards, keys, and, most importantly, credit and debit cards through Apple Pay. Right now, users may not uninstall the app from their iPhone if they want, but this is expected to change.

Since iOS 16.1 isn''t yet available for iPhone and the iPad does not have the Wallet app, we haven''t been able to see this new option in the works.

Update: Confirmed

Following the release of the first iOS 16.1 beta for iPhone on Wednesday, we were able to confirm that the wallet app is now available.

Antitrust concerns over Apple Pay

This move comes during a time when Apple is being sued against Apple Pay for antitrust violations. Earlier this year, the European Union expressed its opposition to Apple for restricting the NFC technology in the iPhone to its own payment platform. In July, law firm Hagens Berman filed a lawsuit against Apple also for forcing banks to adopt Apple Pay in order to reach iPhone and Apple Watch users.

Apple has already introduced several changes to mitigate these concerns. This step will now allow third-party web browsers to work with Apple Pay. Tap to Pay for iPhone has also been announced as a way to allow third-party applications to use the device as a contactless card terminal to receive payments.