The Halide developers explain exactly how iPhone 14 Pro cameras have evolved (for better or worse)

The Halide developers explain exactly how iPhone 14 Pro cameras have evolved (for better or worse) ...

One of Apple''s most important iPhone third-party camera applications, Halide, is returning with a preview article on hardware changes on this new iPhone 14 Pro. Here''s all you need to know from the camera specialists about the new iPhone 14 Pro.

While Halides Sebastiaan de With praises the next step in photography with the new iPhone 14 Pro, his preview is a bit tense, as some improvements come amid the lack of improved hardware.

The Wide camera is the one with the greatest changes with a 2mm wider lens. This is because the aperture is smaller, meaning the lens is likely to collect more light than the previous generation sensor for itself. And, although this might be a problem, Halide believes this Wide camera will absorb up to 20% more light than its previous years camera.

Halide is surprised by the improvement in the camera sensors ISO range () Given that high ISO values are combined with greater noise, this ISO range is highly likely to be enhanced by how its higher resolution sensor combines four pixels into one, drastically reduceting noise.

Halides Sebastiaan de With highlights that users cant shoot 48MP JPGs, but, as of now, it is unclear whether third-party apps will be able to bypass this restriction or if users will only have the option of using the ProRAW option.

Another bittersweet feature is that the focus distance has retreated from 150 mm (5.9 inches) to 200 mm (7.8 inches). With explanations

While two inches does seem to be the case, it''s probable that your iPhone 13 would switch between the ultra-wide (macro) lens and the regular camera. It''s possible this would happen a somewhat more often new iPhone. The new lens design just cannot focus as close as the 13 Pros. Be interested in seeing how much theyve improved this in software.

The telephoto lens is only called improved by Apple, implying that it did not make any significant changes on this iPhone 14 Pro camera, but the Ultra-Wide lens saw another spec bump.

We are seeing what should be substantial low-light improvements. In the long run, a larger sensor and a higher ISO sensitivity should enable this camera to further develop to be a good option for high-quality images. Apple actually claimed the greatest improvements to this camera in its keynote, claiming up to three better images. We will have to see what it involves in testing.

Lastly, the front-facing camera got some love with variable focus and autofocus, as well as an improvement in aperture. Halide says it still needs to see how much difference or need there is for autofocus.

You can see the full preview of the iPhone 14 Pro cameras from Halides here.

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