Deathloop, a PS5 console exclusive, has been released on Xbox Series X

Deathloop, a PS5 console exclusive, has been released on Xbox Series X ...

Deathloop, a temporary shooter for PlayStation 5, is preparing to launch on Xbox consoles in the near future, putting an end to its PlayStation console exclusivity.

A year after Deathloop was released as a PS5-timed exclusive, an advertisement for the game has appeared on the Xbox Series X|S home screen. A tile shows a promotional image of the game, complete with the text pre-order.

The advertising is currently non-functional. The Microsoft Store app was briefly featured when I clicked it, only hanging on a buffer screen. The advert was likely released too early but suggests Deathloop will be coming to Xbox in the near future.

Perfect timing

Deathloop was expected to jump onto Xbox consoles by the end of the year, but a gameplay trailer (opens in a new tab) before it was released suggested that the game would not be available on other consoles until at least a year after its release, making September 2022 the most powerful month for an Xbox port to appear.

Its move to Xbox Series X|S is also a survival. Deathloop was originally released as a PS5 exclusive, but it was developed by Arkane two Microsoft-owned enterprises. Sony organized the games PS5 exclusivity before Microsoft had purchased Bethesda, leaving the Xbox owner to publish a game on its biggest competitor''s console.

Deathloop will likely come on Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft is keen to include first-party titles and Bethesda-published games on the subscription service to support it. With Dishonored 2 and Doom Eternal already on the platform, and Starfield is on the way.

The PS5 will not be left behind, but Sony has just added it to the PS Plus Extra and Premium levels.