This year, the Nvidia RTX 4070 may not be released, but the replacement GPU might be a surprise

This year, the Nvidia RTX 4070 may not be released, but the replacement GPU might be a surprise ...

The RTX 4070, which isn''t likely to be among the first batch of next-gen GPUs, will probably come out with two different spins, as well as the flagship RTX 4090.

The most recent chatter from the grapevine on Lovelace comes from multiple sources who VideoCardz (opens in new tab) spoke to (who recently resumed (opens in new tab) all their latest findings), as well as information from regular hardware leakers Kopite7kimi (opens in new tab) (Chinese forums), all of which corroborate VideoCardz''s findings in some places.

There''s a lot more information on clock speeds and power usage, but the main concern is that Nvidia appears to be planning to release two versions of the RTX 4080, one with 16GB of VRAM, and another with 12GB, but there will be several major differences with the spec (take all these with a large amount of seasoning, as with any rumors).

The RTX 4080 16GB model is expected to be built on the AD103 GPU with 9,728 CUDA Cores, while the 12GB spin on the 4080 is believed to be dropping down to use the lesser AD104 GPU, which also features 7,680 CUDA Cores.

The RTX 4080 12GB, as seen on videoCardz, is what previously known on the rumor mill as the RTX 4070 (or 4070 Ti), which kind of explains why it sounded so beefy, something weve never discussed before.

Nvidia has made a last-minute name change for this card to transform it into a smaller version of the RTX 4080, and for the time being, there is no RTX 4070 with graphics card manufacturers not expecting this to happen (with the Lovelace launch now so close: its scheduled date is September 20, at GTC).

Other spec nuggets shared in this new rumor dump include that the RTX 4080 12GB will have a power capacity of 285W (TGP or Total Graphics Power), which can be pushed up to 366W. The boost clock will reportedly be 2610MHz.

The stronger version of the RTX 4080 with 16GB of VRAM will supposedly increase to 2505MHz, with a TGP of 340W (able to be pushed up to 516W maximum). The GDDR6X memory is said to be 23Gbps, especially, and this will be the only GPU to have that speedy VRAM.

The RTX 4090 will go up to 2520MHz, and the rumor mill further suggests that the long-held TGP of 450W will be reached, but at maximum it will be pushed to 660W. The 24GB of video RAM will be 21Gbps modules, the same as the lesser RTX 4080 12GB.

The RTX 4090 should be out in the first half of October, according to the tech website, and the RTX 4080 models are expected to debut in the first two weeks of November.

Analysis: RTX 4070 ETA?

Also, what is the RTX 4070, which we had heard a few weeks back from Kopite7kimi on Twitter that there were two possible specifications for the 4070 graphics card. In theory, the RTX 4080 12GB, so that would leave the other configuration of an AD104 chip with 10GB of VRAM and 7,168 CUDA Cores to be the RTX 4070. Perhaps. (Lets face it, the Lovelace rumor space is becoming increasingly confusing).

If this is what happens, it will be depressing for several reasons. First, the RTX 4070 will only have a 10GB video memory, and secondly, the possibility of it being late to the table is depreciating. When will it turn up, anyway, is it a GPU that Nvidia is planning to postpone until early 2023, as some speculate?

Before we get too downhearted, though, what we do yet have is a requirement of pricing for Lovelace outside of the RTX 4090 (weve just received some indications regarding the flagships price tag, and unfortunately, the news isn''t what we wanted to hear).

If we aren''t getting an RTX 4070 initially, but we are getting an RTX 4080 12GB which is fairly good for its performance considering it doesn''t differ significantly from the 4080 16GB in terms of a lesser GPU and significantly less CUDA Cores then chances are it will matter. Which is to say, these GPUs will all be about their price and performance, whatever they end up being called.

However, no one should worry about pricing given the above mentioned RTX 4090 pricing leak. It''s a mystery fact that Nvidia has purportedly decided to rename the RTX 4080 from the 4070. However, time will tell, and with less than a week to go before the Lovelace launch, we will not have to wait long to discover more about Team Greens'' next-gen graphics cards.

All this leaves us worrying whether it might be to charge a premium for the new products pretty much as expected for high-end GPUs fresh off the assembly lines and further reduce pricing on the excess RTX 3000 stock as the alternative option for those who do not want to splash out too much.