GoldenEye on Xbox Game Pass will not include multiplayer on the internet

GoldenEye on Xbox Game Pass will not include multiplayer on the internet ...

GoldenEye, a classic Nintendo 64 stealth shooter, is coming to Xbox and Nintendo Switch, but will miss a key feature on Microsoft''s platform.

A remastered version of GoldenEye is expected to be released on Xbox Game Pass and the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack soon. According to a post on the official James Bond website (opens in a new tab), its online multiplayer mode will only be available on the Nintendo Switch.

The remaster will offer up to 4K resolutions, improved frame rates, and improved control options for the two analog sticks after the original game used the Nintendo 64 controllers'' single thumbstick.

Leagues ahead

The omission will be a big loss for some Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One players. GoldenEyes quickly gained an endorsement for its online deathmatches that included a variety of modes and maps. Each could be customized, and additional levels and characters could be unlocked as you progressed through the main campaign.

Many multiplayer shooters have built a template that they have continued to develop. GoldenEyes'' frenetic gunplay, map diversity, and the barebones progression system are still visible in the greatest of them. If Rare had not tried its hand at competitive deathmatches, the game would appear quite different.

Fans have been waiting to enter GoldenEye''s multiplayer on current-generation consoles for years. Although an HD remaster was in development for the Xbox 360, it never officially launched, and a 2010 Nintendo Wii remaster made some significant modifications to the original game. Up until this point, players have had to rely on legal fan-made remakes and ports to see Rares original.

To get this new remaster, you will not need to be a paid-up member of Game Pass or Nintendo Switch Online. If you own a digital copy of Rare Replay a compilation pack, you will be able to download GoldenEye''s new version for free.

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