Twitter has been awarded an offer from Chinese and Indian agents on payroll, privacy of users at risk, and whistleblower claims

Twitter has been awarded an offer from Chinese and Indian agents on payroll, privacy of users at ris ...

Peiter Zatko, a Twitter whistleblower, claimed that the microblogging platform knowingly permitted India to add agents to the company''s roster, posing a threat to the country''s privacy, despite their executive incentives. Despite these claims, Twitter said it''s hiring process is "independent of any foreign influence." and that data is managed through a slew of measures.

According to Zatko, the former chief of Twitter, said the company unlawfully allowed Indian and Chinese governments to pay for its employees. According to Zatko, the hackers may have accessed the company''s system and user information, making the social platform vulnerable to exploitation by teens, thieves, and thieves, citing dangers for privacy.

While speaking before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Zatko alleges that the company ignored its engineers because their executive incentives led them to prioritize profit rather than security. Zatko alleges that Twitter''s security systems are outdated and that it uses sensitive information on more than half of its data centre servers.

He explained how Twitter''s negligence in dealing with governments that sought to include spies in the microblogging service. Adding that Twitter''s inability to track how employees accessed user accounts made it difficult for the platform to detect the potential misuse of data access on the service.

According to the paper, Zatko, who was the head of Twitter security until he was fired early this year, said he spoke with great confidence about a foreign agent that the government of India had placed on Twitter to investigate the discussions between India''s ruling party and Twitter about new social media limitations and how well the negotiations eschew.

A whistleblower revealed that he was told about a week before his firing that at least one employee from the Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS) was on Twitter.

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Zatko has accused his former employer of cybersecurity omissions, stating that it did not address basic systemic failures recommended by engineers. Zatko has also accused Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, among other senior executives and board members, of numerous violations, including making misleading statements to users and the Federal Trade Commission.

Zatko reportedly denied his claims, calling his description of events a false narrative that was unconcerned with inconsistenencies and misinformations, lacking significant context. In a statement to the Associated Press, the microblogging platform said its hiring process is independent of any foreign influence and access to data is managed through a host of measures, including background checks, access controls, and monitoring and detection systems.