It's unlikely that Netflix's current dry week will be canceled, according to Cobra Kai

It's unlikely that Netflix's current dry week will be canceled, according to Cobra Kai ...

During its earnings report for Q2 2022, Netflix was relatively confident in its ability to reclaim its recent difficulties.

Despite its financial woes, massive subscriber losses, and show cancellations, the streaming company was bullish about its intentions in changing its fortunes. Despite its most recent quarterly earnings call, however, Netflix hasn''t shown any significant signs that it''s facing the worst of its problems.

Netflix predicted in July that it would add one million subscribers to its current subscription by the end of the year. This is a bold claim to make given that the streamer has spent the past two quarters in blatantly fighting paid customers. Of course, this is not Netflix''s fault. The Ukraine-Russia war, coupled with the cost of living crisis in countries including the United Kingdom, has meant people opting to cancel their streaming subscriptions to save money.

If anyone continues to pay for one of Netflix''s three current subscriptions, a fourth, ad-based platform is coming soon, but the streamer isn''t providing enough value for money when it comes to original content.

The top 10 Netflix website (opens in a new tab) is a great indicator of the streaming company''s current set of movies and TV shows. Each week, Netflix presents a list of shows and shows that each production has spent for its top 10 films and shows lists, as well as the number of hours they''ve been watched.

Cobra Kai season 5 was a big hit for Netflix, which watched 1066.7 million hours in the last seven days (September 5 to 11) and Devil in Ohio, too, performed admirably on the television show front with its 70.8 million hours spread throughout the same period.

We should look beyond Cobra Kai and Devil in Ohio, but the whole picture is presented in far greater detail.

End of the Road, the Queen Latifah-starring roadtrip drama, was the best performing Netflix film of the week, with 30.2 million hours streamed. Love in the Villa, I Came By, and Me Time also amassed over 20 million-plus hours each.

So, what is the danger? Frankly, the past seven days and September total have been the quietest periods for Netflix for a long time, from a viewership perspective.

The last time Netflix saw such a quiet week, from a movie perspective, was between May 2 and 8. Back then, 365 Days: This Day had just 27.5 million hours. The week from April 18 to 24 was even worse, with Choose or Die falling to the top of Netflix''s top 10 film list with a hefty 15.2 million hours.

Netflix has ever had a huge (or quite good-performing) film on its hands. Since mid-May, the Adam Sandler-starring Hustle, Spiderhead, The Gray Man, The Sea Beast, Purple Hearts, and Day Shift have all surpassed expectations.

So far in September, however, Netflix hasn''t had a hugely anticipated film to continue its hot streak. Hopefully, Do Revenge, Lou, Athena, and Ana de Armas'' Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde might enthuse viewers and add the streamer another enjoyable film to its back catalog. However, September 2022 may be the worst-performing month in Netflix''s film history in a while.

On the TV show, things aren''t that good. After Cobra Kai and Devil in Ohio, there''s a huge drop-off in the number of hours viewed when it comes to Netflix''s television offerings.

Cobra Kai''s recent success has topped Netflix''s two television programs in terms of 100 million-plus hours since Season 4''s unprecedented success earlier this year. Season 4 part 1 arrived on May 27 and quickly racked up a harrowing 781 million hours in its first two weeks, according to reports. A third season of Season 4 is expected to be a thrilling fifth and final season in the hugely popular sci-fi thriller.

The Sandman season 1 of Virgin River is the only non-Cobra Kai series to break the 100 million-plus barrier for Netflix since part 2 of Stranger Things. Those figures were accumulated between July 18 and 24, respectively, August 8 and 14.

This is because if any of Netflix''s next TV series is successful, it''s unlikely that both Fate: The Winx Saga season 2 and Cyberpunk: Edgerunners have the best chance of doing so, with the latter being a solid anime remake of CD Projekt Red''s Cyberpunk 2077 videogame. Apart from that, Netflix''s September 2022 TV slate is stacked with reality-based shows and a weird art-form indie project, such as Rainbow and Entergalactic, which is

Netflix is in a shambles when it comes to top-tier film and TV show offerings, but that''s a concern. The streamer needs to provide prospective subscribers with the necessary motivation to enter the industry and its revenues, and it will likely to struggle to do so if it does not provide content that appeals to audiences.

The Midnight Club, which is aka The School for Good and Evil, is sure to attract TV listeners. Another feature to watch, however, is Netflix''s ability to gain access to its huge horror movie back catalog or the announcement of its Wednesday Addams spin-off series.

It''s still threatening the streamer''s chances of returning the tide in its favor right now. Netflix might have a month as arid as September. But, thanks to its middling offerings, it has made a rod of its own back, and it will have to deal with the consequences.

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