Apple acquires a patent for a foldable self-healing display, according to a report

Apple acquires a patent for a foldable self-healing display, according to a report ...

Apple has filed a patent for a display material that has self-healing properties. It is alleged to help the display recover from scratches as well as dents and to be a breakthrough technology as far as foldable smartphones go. Currently, Samsung has the largest share of foldable smartphones in the world and it uses a special material to protect the foldable display against external impacts and provide them durability.

According to a patently Apple study, the self-healing material layer may be included in the display cover layer of the folding iDevice. It might be made of elastomer. The layer may be seen in the flexible area of the cover display or on the whole display.

This might indicate that if and when the cover layer is depleted or scratched, the self-healing material included in the cover layer might remedie the anomaly without an external action from the user. The study also cautions that externally applied heat, light, electric current, or other type of external stimulus may also be initiated or expedited.

Let us presume a situation when the cover layer of the above-mentioned iDevice gets damaged by a scratch or a dent. In order to provide a seamless touch experience, the cover layer should be avoided with anomalies. Heat may be used as a motivation for the self-healing process, according to a predetermined schedule, or when the electronic device is charging.

The display cover layer may include a transparent dielectric layer with slits, according to reports. Depending on the flexible portion, these slits may help in increasing the flexibility of the display cover layer.