iPad 2022, M2 MacBook Pro, and everything to anticipate in the Apple October event

iPad 2022, M2 MacBook Pro, and everything to anticipate in the Apple October event ...

Rumors of an Apple October event have been debunked for a while, and they appear to be only a possibility following the Apple September event.

At the Far Out event, we saw new iPhones, Apple Watches, and AirPods, but there are no Macs or iPads. That''s good, since the rumors indicate we''ll be seeing new Apple tablets, laptops, and desktops at a later date, likely in mid-October, just before the holiday shopping rush begins.

What else is left to do with that? Here''s what we expect from an Apple October event.

Apple October event: Latest news and rumors

When will the Apple event on October be held?

Last year, Apple''s Unleashed event took place on October 18, just over a month after its previous event in September. We''re going by the same pattern again, but an event will be held in mid-October, with an announcement coming early in the month.

It''s more common for Apple to have a one fall product launch than a series of events. Taking a look back at the company''s recent history from 2016, only two years in 2017 and 2019 featured a single product event.

Here''s a quick dive into how Apple has spent its last six falls.

Apple October event: iPad 2022

Apple first released an iPad Air 2022 earlier this year, but it''s likely not accomplished much biting up its tablet lineup. With iPad 2022 rumors, an update appears to be a sign of a sharper camera bump.

Upgrades on USB-C connectivity, a larger frame that is higher-resolution, and the A14 Bionic processor (previously seen in the iPhone 12) might be in the works for the iPad.

Apple October event: iPad Pro 2022

Apple appears to be attempting to reintroduce its iPad Pro offerings in 2022. The most rumored upgrade for the iPad Pro Pro is the M2 chip that Apple introduced to its laptops in June, causing the company to find its way to the Pro tablets.

Aside from that, and the unusual rumors of MagSafe wireless charging, and a new side smart connector, we may not see any other updates to the iPad Pro''s basic hardware.

This might not mean an upgrade for the 11-inch model from LCD to mini-LED like the 12.9-inch model. Perhaps Apple will have some new software features to help users improve, but otherwise, this tablet may not be much different than the iPad Pro in 2021.

MacBook Pro 14-inch and 16-inch is the latest model for Apple''s October release.

The first of a 13-inch MacBook Pro in 2022 has already been seen, but this is an update of an aging design. These new MacBooks are the newest additions to the excellent 14-inch MacBook Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro that we saw in October last year, and are apparently already "very into development and testing."

These new notebooks will be powered by Apple M2-derived chipsets, the same way M2 Pro and M2 Max.

Unfortunately, unlike the iPad Pro above, there are no rumored hardware upgrades beyond the new chips. We hope to see some unique software features (something like Center Stage) that make these new MacBooks a great replacement for the current MacBook Pros.

Mac Mini M2 and Mac Pro M2 are featured at the Apple October event.

We can''t forget about the rumored release for the Mac Mini 2022, the baby of the Mac family.

The Mac Mini was last updated in 2020, becoming one of Apple''s first M1 Macs. Despite the fact that Mac Studio had a more powerful mini last year, we''re approaching the two-year mark of no upgrades.

We may not see any changes outside of the new M2 chip (or possibly chips) being inserted into the Mac mini. Beyond new features, we''d love to see a Mac mini redesign. It''s had the same look for over ten years, and is definitely in need of a remake, according to one analyst.

Apple October event: Mac Pro

Apple is planning a new MacBook Pro, the final Mac that uses Intel CPUs instead of a M-series chip. Rumors have suggested that the new full-sized tower will arrive late this year, with an M2 Ultra chip similar to the M1 Ultra found in the Mac Studio, and a new M2 Extreme chip for ultimate in Mac power.

Apple October event: Apple TV 2022

With the Apple TV 4K version coming out in 2021, you wouldn''t imagine it would have another set-top box waiting in the wings. However, the rumors of Apple TV in 2022 have remained constant. This model would likely include a new processor, more RAM, and a potentially higher price.

Apple October event: HomePod 2

It''s sometimes difficult to forget about the HomePod, the company''s smart speaker in the last two years. Unlike the HomePod mini in 2020, the mini will be introduced and then updated with new colors last year.

Rumors suggest a HomePod 2 might be in development, with Apple potentially trying its hand once more at a larger smart speaker. (It''s possible that HomePod 2 rumors also refer to a HomePod mini follow-up.) It''s unclear when such a product will be available, with analysts reporting dates between late 2022 and early next year.

Apple October event: Apple VR/AR headset

Rumors have claimed that Apple is preparing to enter the world of virtual reality in a significant way. Although it''s first release into the field an Apple VR/AR headset might be closer to launch, most people believe the possibility of a 2023 release.

The VR/AR headset may not be removed earlier, however. Traditionally, Apple has given us plenty of lead time when it comes to a new market. The first iPhone was released at the Macworld Expo in January 2007, but didn''t even hit stores until the end of June. In addition, the Apple Watch received a preview in 2014, but didn''t even ship until 2015.

Apple''s first VR/AR product preview the device first before launching it at a later date in order to allow developers to create VR and AR applications for the Apple headset.

MacOS Ventura and iPadOS 16 are available for Apple''s October event.

At an Apple October event, we expect to hear at least a brief mention of macOS Ventura and iPadOS 16. Both are due out very soon, but Apple may wait another month to announce more polished versions of them.

New features include the iPad Multitasking Mode, a dedicated Weather app for iPad, new Collaboration features for productivity apps, and the Continuity Camera for Macs that allows you to use your iPhone as a webcam.