Windows Terminal Preview 1.16 is now live with a fresh text rendering engine, colors, and themes

Windows Terminal Preview 1.16 is now live with a fresh text rendering engine, colors, and themes ...

Microsoft released Windows Terminal Preview 1.15 with full keyboard selection assistance as well as experimental support for scrollbar marks a few months ago. Today, the company has introduced version 1.16, which appears to be a pretty significant upgrade.

There has been a global property for themes added to your Windows Terminal windows to your heart''s content. The theme may be changed from the JSON file and selected from the Settings section. You may also customize tabs, tab rows, and windows, but please see Microsoft''s documentation here.

More colors have been added to give Terminal a more "cohesive" appearance. It''s important to know that the application will now use the dark theme rather than relying on a system theme.

The new text rendering software that was introduced with Windows Terminal Preview 1.13 has now been the default render for all profiles. Microsoft has noted several benefits of this engine, including improved performance, improved support for more pixels, bold text, and underline/overline/hyperlink lines. Furthermore, if the machine you are using Windows Terminal Preview 1.16 on does not have a GPU, it will automatically switch to a more powerful mode that does not depend on the GPU.

Other changes to look forward to are the ability to select new tabs and to expand text selection to a word by modifying the JSON file. The colors page has been redesigned, and you may see the image slider in the image menu below.

Check out these numerous other improvements and bug fixes here:

Miscellaneous improvements

Bug fixes

  • When BEL is emitted in a light terminal, the flash in the pane will now darken rather than brighten (Thanks @Fyrebright!).
  • When pasting a multiple lines, the whitespace is no longer removed (Thanks @serd2011!).
  • CloseOnExit will now automatically close the Terminal when terminated if it launched by a process, otherwise Terminal will close with the graceful behavior.

Finally, for those wanting a more stable experience, Windows Terminal has been upgraded to version 1.15. There are also links to the changelog for Windows Terminal Preview 1.15 here. For those keeping track, the latest version for Windows Terminal is v1.15.252, and for Windows Terminal Preview, it is v1.16.252.