Is there any place on Apple?

Is there any place on Apple? ...

When Apple launches new iPhones, it goes through its phone lineup and weed out other older models that distract from the new releases or have otherwise lost their value. Fortunately, some of the best iPhones are seen as pricey, but bargain hunters who can''t or won''t pay flagship prices can still get an iPhone at a relatively low price.

On the back of the iPhone 14 release, Apple removed two older versions of the iPhone 14, while reducing the costs of previous phones that stuck around.

The iPhone 12 is still available for sale at Apple, which reduced the price on the 6.1-inch iPhone by $100. That means that the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini have stuck around, even for $100 less than they previously paid. That means that the iPhone 14 lineup may start at $799 and scale up to $1,099 for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The iPhone SE 2022 is the cheapest iPhone, which is available for $429.

At first glance, it appears like a pretty complete lineup, with a phone available for everyone. That''s until you look at the company and realize that the current iPhone capabilities are $499.

The iPhone 11 was able to occupie the spot before Apple dropped it in the wake of the iPhone 14''s release. That''s no great tragedy the iPhone 11 just turned 3 years old, and it''s difficult to keep selling a phone that was straight face even if the iPhone 11 can run the newly released iOS 16 without a problem.

When no other phone came up with a $499 slot, it would be the iPhone 12''s place. Normally, the phone would cost $699 after last year''s price decrease, and another $100 discount this year reduced the price to $599. Again, that wouldn''t be so bad, but that''s what Apple is also charging for the iPhone 13 mini after its $100 decrease from last year''s initial price.

Perhaps this is my failure of imagination, but considering charging the same amount of money for two devices that appeared in different years and included different internal specs makes me odd. At this point, the iPhone 13 mini is an unintended improvement, although it may be due to the larger screen. Is Apple really suggesting that the extra 0.7 inches of screen real estate make up for other features where the iPhone 12 is behind?

The iPhone 12, as the older model, would have taken a bigger cut. Even if Apple thought a $200 reduction to $499 was too costly, it would certainly char $529 for a phone that was also available in 2020. This would give budget-minded shoppers another option without too much of a hit on the iPhone SE''s appeal as the most affordable of Apple''s phones.

If you prefer paying less than $500 for a phone, the iPhone SE is now your only option at Apple. However, the price you pay for a less expensive phone is not guaranteed. You''ve got to get another $50 after that. A dated phone design that''s heavy on bezels and light on rear cameras.

These will be compromises, and some iPhone customers will be happy to make for a low-cost handset. I''m guessing more than a few might have paid up for the iPhone 12 and its dual-rear cameras if Apple had reduced the price only slightly more aggressively.

After selling around $40.7 billion in phones in the last quarter, it''s not like Apple has been pining for my insights. A lot of people, like me, have told this company their business, only to lose an egg on their face.

I can only approach this from the perspective of a phone shopper, whom I am, and someone''s who enjoy high fees everywhere. I''d have preferred another low-cost option in Apple''s new phone lineup, and I''m not the only one person who feels that. Moreover, we can offer them heat for perhaps not making the prices of its discounted phones as appealing as they were before the iPhone 14.