The wireless Sub Mini subwoofer has been announced by Sonos, which is priced at $429

The wireless Sub Mini subwoofer has been announced by Sonos, which is priced at $429 ...

When Sonos isn''t busy tumbling with Google over patents or sending representatives to the White House to advise on tech policies, the company loves to dabble in wireless speakers. Sonos has now announced the new Sub Mini, the latest addition to its lineup.

The Sub Mini is quite a bit smaller than its big brother, the Sonos Sub (Gen 3). Compared to the regular Sub''s 36.3 pounds (16.5kg), the Sub Mini is not only half the weight, but also about half the size. The cylindrical Sub Mini measures 12 inches in diameter, measuring 15.8 inches in length and is measured in the same dimensions as the regular Sub.

The Both Sonos subwoofers have a frequency response of as low as 25Hz. The difference is going to be in the amount of output each subwoofer can output. Sonos is positioning the Sub Mini as a traditional home theater complement to the company''s most recent soundbars, Ray and Beam. The Sub Mini should also be a great complement to the Sonos One and the Sonos Symfonisk line of speakers.

The sub Mini''s cylindrical design consists of two custom woofers, facing inward inside the acoustically sealed cabinet to produce deep, dynamic bass without buzzing or rattling. Sonos is also considering the round design as a means to help the subwoofer blend into your home decor.

The Sub Mini, like most Sonos products, is wireless and connects to other Sonos speakers via the Sonos app. It will automatically equalize to be able to balance itself and any Sonos speakers. Trueplay, a software tool that detects room acoustics, can also be added to the Sub Mini''s sound.

The Sonos Sub mini will be available in matte black or white for $429. Sonos is now accepting preorders with global availability on October 6.