By the end of this year, Apple is reportedly expanding its App Store ads

By the end of this year, Apple is reportedly expanding its App Store ads ...

Apple announced that it would expand its advertising business by adding new ad slots to the App Store at the time. A new CNBC report states that Apple will put this expansion into action by the end of this year.

According to the findings, Apple issued an invitation to an online workshop on app store ads on Tuesday. According to the invitation, new advertising placements in the iOS App Store will be available in time for this holiday season.

Eric Seufert, the founder and developer of Mobile Dev Memo, shared an image of the invitation on his Twitter profile. Apple''s webinar is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, September 21.

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App Store ads

App Stores now has advertisements. Currently, developers may pay to promote their applications in the Search tab and also in Search results. Appropriate developers will also have the option to purchase ad slots on the app Stores Today website as well as on several app pages.

Apple claims that it will not permit developers to target a specific app when it comes to posting a product page advertisement. Nevertheless, the company claims that the advertising suggestions will be relevant to each page, which means that users are likely to see ads for direct competitors on app pages.

Apple is investing in services to increase revenue. It claims that App Store adverts are a great opportunity for developers to promote their apps while also protecting users'' privacy. However, as a result of CNBC, the Apple advertising business has come under scrutiny as it becomes harder for third-party businesses to place ads in iOS apps.

Recent research has revealed that the iOS App Tracking Transparency feature has resulted in a 40% increase in the price of in-app purchases, owing to the fact that developers are losing money from advertisements.