Discord is now available to all Xbox Series X players

Discord is now available to all Xbox Series X players ...

Discord Voice, a version of the Xbox Insider program, was originally available to Xbox Series X|S players.

While playing on the couch, Discord Voice provides a fresh way to chat with your friends on your Xbox Series X|S console. As detailed in the official Xbox Wire post (opens in a new tab), you may join voice chats across all your groups.

Discord Voice was first available to Xbox Insiders in July, but given it''s now available to all Xbox players, the feature was obviously not required much more time in the oven.

Due to Discord''s availability on PC and mobile devices, you no longer have to follow the console''s own party chat system. This allows you to broaden the range of people you can chat to.

Even if you''ve done this before, you''ll need to go head into the Discord app and link your Xbox-bound Microsoft account.

Tap the ''User Settings'' cog and look for the ''Connections'' submenu. Tap the Xbox logo found under the ''Connect your accounts'' section, then follow the instructions to connect your Xbox and Discord accounts.

Why use Discord Voice on Xbox?

Discord will be more than a fun novelty. It''ll increase the number of people you can chat to on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One by making your Discord groups available on console.

If you regularly play with friends in a crossplay environment, let''s say you play crossplayable games like Fall Guys, Rocket League, or Call of Duty: Warzone. Discord Voice is a powerful software that allows users to start a party on your Xbox console through the Discord app.

It''s still troubling to me why Sony was not able to nab Discord''s PS5 integration first. Both companies had agreed to develop a cooperative approach that suggests they were working on a voice chat solution first. Discord can, however, have its voice chat bona fides shipped to both PS5 and Nintendo Switch soon for an even greater seamless crossplay experience.