If you purchased the wrong printer printer ink, HP will pay you compensation

If you purchased the wrong printer printer ink, HP will pay you compensation ...

HP printer owners in Europe might be in for a windfall, as long as the company approved it would pay some as a result of being unaware that their printers were enabled with the Dynamic Security feature.

The disadvantage in the present is that third-party cartridges with non-HP chips or circuitry lack printers capability.

The settlement, which comes from a total amount of $1,35 million, comes after a legal complaint against HP from Euroconsumers.

What actually happened?

Dynamic Security was a HP firmware upgrade for devices that in many instances limited printing capacity without their prior knowledge, but also stopped users from using third-party ink cartridges that were not included in the company''s proprietary technology.

HP has since remedied the problem by e-mailing a new firmware update for some of its printers.

While the parties have agreed not to pursue legal action, the agreement does not provide a proof of HP''s negligent or wrongdoing.

Consumers in Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Portugal have been eligible to receive settlement compensation for certain HP printer models purchased between September 1, 2016 and November 17, 2020.

If you happen to hail from one of these areas, here are a few tips about what you are entitled to, and how to submit your compensation claims here (opens in a new tab).

The legal battle erupted against a HP group that was attempting to diversify its product offerings.

According to HP''s chief executive Enrique Lores, the company''s printing volumes had a significant impact on the pandemic, and currently totaled roughly 80 percent of what it had anticipated before the epidemic.

These initiatives included a subscription-based paper delivery service for its Instant Ink subscribers.