A new Chromecast is on the way, and it may be a budget option

A new Chromecast is on the way, and it may be a budget option ...

The Chromecast was first introduced in 2013, and Google''s compact streaming puck allows you to direct content to your television. Since then, the Chromecast has gone Ultra, 4K, and even integrated into an entire operating system. It appears as though the tech giant is planning to return to basics.

Google is planning a new Chromecast, according to recent regulatory filings. While you might be wondering what new feature might include the new device, were actually getting some older technology. The filings show that the upcoming Chromecast will only offer a 1080p resolution, and the standard connectivity channels we expect. How 2016!

This isn''t the first time we have heard about the 1080 resolution either. Previous reports have stated the Chromecast HD-only feature. Some have even dubbed the device as Chromecast HD with Google TV. Otherwise, things are speculating similar. Google is sticking with the oval shape, the same Bluetooth version, and the same 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels.

Given its 2022 release and nearly every new telly supports 4K, a 1080p streaming puck seems to be a curious choice. It would make most sense for Google to offer this as a new budget option. Currently, the cheapest Chromecast is 30, and the cheapest Google TV option is 60. It would make sense for Google to stick to the cheaper 30 price while packing in the new operating system.

On the 6th October, wed keep our eyes peeled when it comes to the Pixel 7 event. However, the new Chromecast looks, so were certain it will be a deal to watch. The pucks are perfect for smarting up any telly.

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