This simple Microsoft Teams update might save you a lot of time

This simple Microsoft Teams update might save you a lot of time ...

A fresh Microsoft Teams update is attempting to alleviate the pain of discovering unread messages.

The video conferencing platform has announced a new feature that allows users to select when they only want to view unread messages in their activity feed.

The new addition, titled "Unread Toggle," will permit users to only see and review unread items on their feed.

Microsoft Teams unread messages

Unread Toggle, the official Microsoft 365 roadmap, is described as perking users to "review only unread items on the activity feed easily and effectively."

This tool should be incredibly useful for Microsoft Teams users who juggling multiple threads and chats at once, or those looking for recent updates or alerts on a big project or release.

The update is still listed as being "in development" for the time being, but it will be available for all Microsoft Teams users on the desktop and Mac.

The latest update from a series of recent releases aimed at simplifying Microsoft Teams and making it more intuitive to use.

Following the results of a search, the company recently revealed an update that will allow users to track down full chat conversations.

Users in Teams are taken to a position that includes the whole thread that displays the desired message rather than a single line of text as had been the case.

Another recent move aims to eliminate unwanted Microsoft Teams chats from external soruces, meaning that when receiving a new one-on-one chat from outside their business, users will now be able to accept or block the invite. This includes the ability to limit external users at any time, which also revokes access to presence and incoming messages.