How to delete iPhone photos with the included iOS 16 app

How to delete iPhone photos with the included iOS 16 app ...

iOS 16 has a lot of love for the Apples Photos app, and one of the most useful additions is a built-in duplicate finder. Here''s how it works to use the new feature to delete duplicate iPhone photos a few times at a time or in large batches.

Along with the ease of snapping iPhone-branded super high-quality images, it''s easy to let our photo library stack up with a lot of shots, which can include a large amount of double photos.

Up until now, the best solution was to use a third-party app to try and eliminate duplicates, but it can be a messy process with paid apps or applications that may not be as well as claimed.

Apple, which works on iOS 16, has a built-in program to detect and delete duplicate iPhone photos. It''s also super easy to use.

The merge duplicates feature is described by Apple:

Merging merges relevant information such as captions, keywords, and favorites into one photo of the highest quality. Albums that contain previously unidentified copies are updated with the merged photo.

Apple notes that the deleted duplicates will be appearing on the Recently Deleted album in the event that you want to see what is being trashed or recover any shots.

How to delete iPhone photos in real life: How to delete them with iOS 16

In our time using the new feature, it is very accurate. On the back, it appears to be less aggressive than third-party apps in terms of suggesting duplicates to delete, which is likely to be related to its exactness.

Here''s how the iPhone development works:

Tap the Merge icon on the right hand hand side to approve, then tap Merge X Duplicates.

The addition to each photo is the length in the bottom-right corner, thus you may quickly see how much space you may be saving.

On the left side, see the other duplicates in the match. There''s also a Merge All button in the bottom right corner when viewing duplicates this way.

The fastest way to remove duplicate iPhone photos is by using the Select button in the top right corner, then you may select All or tap/swipe to select which ones to remove.

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