Apple is warning Dark Sky for iOS users about the future shutdown

Apple is warning Dark Sky for iOS users about the future shutdown ...

Apple is moving forward with its intention to terminate the Dark Sky weather app at the end of this year. Upon opening the Dark Sky app today, youll receive a new pop-up message, stating that support for the Dark Sky app will close on January 1, 2022. This comes a day after iOS 16 was introduced with additional changes to the built-in Weather app.

Apple had previously planned to shut down the Dark Sky app, its website, and its API at the end of 2021. This change was delayed until the end of 2022 as Apple continued to make upgrades to the built-in Weather app, as well as launch the new WeatherKit API. In March of 2020, Apple purchased Dark Sky and used the technology to make a number of upgrades to its built-in Weather app.

The majority of users are unaware that WeatherKit is available to developers and iOS 16 is available to everyone. Apple has officially informed users about its intention to shut down Dark Sky. Those who are hoping for another delay are also distraught.

Today, the Dark Sky app has launched a new text, titled:

The Dark Sky app will be available on January 1st and 2023. The Dark Sky forecast technology is now enhanced and integrated into the latest Apple Weather app.

The app''s App Store listing included changes to the iOS 16 version: Tapping on the More Info button in the message.

Apple is also offering its own WeatherKit API to developers, which allows third-party applications to tap in to hyperlocal weather data as well as protecting user data and privacy. This is because pricing for WeatherKit is significantly cheaper than other weather APIs, including Dark Sky.

Is your subscription to Dark Sky still suspended or have you changed to a different weather app? Let us know in the comments.