The new speakers from Audio Pro promise a powerful, easy TV audio upgrade for soundbar tycoons

The new speakers from Audio Pro promise a powerful, easy TV audio upgrade for soundbar tycoons ...

The Audio Pro A48 floorstanding speakers have an HDMI ARC port for direct connection to your television, as well as Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Cast. Oh, and you can wire in sound from audio gear that''s still a thing with speakers.

The Audio Pro A48 is now available starting from mid-September and will cost $1,200 / 1,200. They''re the latest in the line-up of''soundbar killer'' (their words) speakers from the company, with the much cheaper A28 bookshelf speakers and the A38 smaller floorstanding speakers extending the range, all with the same ease of use.

A48 speakers are a three-way design, meaning they should produce a large, powerful sound with excellent dynamic range, based on our experience with Audio Pro gear. This is the kind of money you''d pay for a Sonos Arc with a subwoofer, or for a Sony HT-A7000 for those who don''t like the concept of a soundbar.

All physical connections (power, HDMI, etc.) go into the left speaker, and the right speaker connects to it with a single cable that supplies everything it requires.

They are well-known speakers, providing you with all the amplification they need in the system, so you can just connect one of the finest turntables directly (as long as it has a built-in phono stage).

They''re available in black or white with optional grilles on the front, and you may modify the grilles if you want to add more of your own flair.

Analysis: What''''s wrong with a soundbar?

Soundbars are now one of the most popular devices on the market, for a number of reasons, partly because many people upgraded their televisions in the last couple of years, and now are looking for a matching sound upgrade; partly because Dolby Atmos has evolved into a buzzword for home theater, and the best Dolby Atmos soundbars have become more and more affordable; partly because of their convenience, in that they just sit on your current TV stand and don''t take up much more.

Soundbars are small, but they have physical limitations on how they can deliver, particularly when it comes to sheer scale and power. Smaller drivers and less volume within the cabinet make less air flow more controlled. High-end ''bars'' get rid of this by putting themselves with multiple drivers, which helps to create the multi-direction effect of Dolby Atmos, but this often weakens for sound.

In the last few years, we''ve seen a growing interest in this phenomenon, as soundbars have begun educating people about TV audio, and many of the finest stereo speakers have already included HDMI connectivity, and we''ve discussed how speakers can do better than Dolby Atmos soundbars.

Soundbars are still popular among most individuals, but more competition is never a bad thing, and perhaps speakers such as this will spur soundbars to enhance their music game even further.