Microsoft is enhancing the Office app update experience, which is under lock

Microsoft is enhancing the Office app update experience, which is under lock ...

Software updates can be a lot of trouble, especially if they interrupt important tasks or damage your productivity. This does not only involve operating system updates, but app updates. Microsoft is looking to solve this problem with a new feature called "update under lock."

If you had an Office app like Excel open for the first time and left it in its running state overnight, Microsoft might not update it even if there were some emergency fixes due. This process will be a lot quieter and more smooth.

Even if an Office app is open in a dead state or lock your PC, a lock update will close the app when it''s completely safe to do, apply the update, and then restore it to its previous state. Microsoft claims that this entire process will take four seconds, which means that there will be no disruption to workflows.

Microsoft''s Click-to-Run technology is used to deliver updates to Office systems as a result of the update under lock.

Click-to-Run is a new way to offer and update Microsoft Office to broadband customers. Microsoft virtualization and streaming technologies are used in Click-to-Run.

Think of this in the same way that you think about streaming video. Similarly, with Click-to-Run, you may start using Office before the entire suite or product has been downloaded. While you are currently using your application, the rest of Office is being removed quietly in the background.

The most recent enhancement will be applied to Microsoft 365 subscriptions, Visio, Project, and perpetual licenses of Office 2016, 2019, and 2021. The update under lock will be applied to the above applications using the following delivery channels:

Microsoft has emphasized that this is a backend upgrade to improve the delivery process, so as such, there is no admin control you can utilize to prevent it.