This TikTok dishwasher hack will keep your mugs dry

This TikTok dishwasher hack will keep your mugs dry ...

Tag in and day out, we all depend on the best dishwashers to clean our plates and glasses. Even if stain removal is essential in a dishwasher''s performance, we sometimes forget that drying is a fundamental element of the cycle as well as something which many applications fail. In fact, some items, such as mugs, will inevitably collect a pile of water before storing.

Before you go blaming your dishwasher, this issue can easily be avoided. This is all it takes is a small change, which was recently highlighted on TikTok. It''s such a revelation that this TikTok dishwasher hack has been enduring ever since, and its something everyone should know. Follow this guide, and you should never forget about wet mugs once more.

Why do mugs come out wet from the dishwasher?

Before we go into the solution, we must understand the problem. There is a reason certain items will not dry completely in your dishwasher, but because to their appearance. If an item does not have a completely flat bottom when inverted, i.e. the rim forms a shallow dish, water will pool and collect in this space during the wash cycle.

Water can''t be drained from this pocket and thus the item cannot dry effectively, resulting in a small, unsettling puddle when it comes to unloading time. If there''s an opportunity for water to collect if you have ever encountered the wrong path up, you will see the consequences.

This sounds like there is no immediate solution to such a problem, but a modest change may alleviate it, according to this recent TikTok dishwasher hack.

What happens in the TikTok hack?

In the latest TikTok trend, Instragrammer, sidneyraz (opens in a new tab), attempt to load his mugs at an angle in the dishwasher, to see if it makes a difference. The mugs are completely dry after a wash cycle. his surprise and frustration, the process was just that.

This might be effective, since the water would have the opportunity to better drain from the rim of the inverted mug when it is held at an angle, versus one that is placed vertically. In fact, it would also benefit for all kinds of items which may be affected by the same problem.

One thing as simple as changing your dishwasher loading technique might save time by hand drying excess water as well as the potential damage when you fail to notice a puddle and fling it across your floor and kitchen.

This is why it is important for all dishwasher owners to learn how to load a dishwasher in the right way, and why you should always go to the dishwasher manual, which will provide instructions on how to load items in which sections of the baskets for the best results. This will vary from model to model, therefore it is always a good idea to check.

Make sure you only load items with a flat bottom, such as glassware, in terms of the space where your mugs were used.

How to get your dishwasher to dry more effectively

If all of the items in your dishwasher are coming out wetter than they are, here are a few steps you may take: