Days Before the Upgrade, Google Releases Ethereum Merge Countdown Timer Doodle

Days Before the Upgrade, Google Releases Ethereum Merge Countdown Timer Doodle ...

The Ethereum network has launched a doodle that shows the duration of the procedure before the blockchain network switches to the consensus algorithm proof-of-stake (PoS) based on current difficulty and hash rate. In addition, the doodle includes an "easter egg" that follows the drawing of a black and white bear, which is slowly approaching each other. When The Merge is activated, they will form a panda.

Sam Padilla, a Google Cloud developer, discovered the timer in two weeks so that the Ethereum team could be recognized for "the work they''ve done over the years." Padilla added that the information for the timer comes in real-time from the Ethereum network, which uses nodes hosted by Google.

Hey @VitalikButerin @drakefjustin & other @ethereum supporters, go google "the merge" for a fun little surprise and appreciation. Everyone is so impressed by what you''ve got to do here and thanks to the work you do for years.

According to official information, the completion of The Merge will likely take place on September 15-16. According to the Ethereum Foundation, the Merge will not significantly modify any parameters that directly impact network capacity or throughput." This means, there will no change in gas fees. When more people use the blockchain the gas, fee charges will be high, and when less people use it, the fee will decrease.

The company has become increasingly involved in Web3, which provides blockchain infrastructure services that use Google Cloud. Nansen, Dapper Labs, and Solana are among its business partners on the page dedicated to Web3 products. In May, Google said it had formed a Web3 team.

Sky Mavis, the creator of Axie Infinity, a NFT game, has announced that it had agreed to use its cloud services to validate transactions on its Ronin network, a Ethereum sidechain, which is intended for gaming applications.

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