7 of Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and other new movies to stream (Sept. 13-16)

7 of Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and other new movies to stream (Sept. 13-16) ...

The Fall TV season has ended, but we''ve still discovered seven new films worthy of your attention. A fresh-from-theaters release starring John Boyega has drew the attention of fans. It drew comparisons to Dog Day Afternoon, and hopes to reach a bigger audience at home.

We''re very excited to see Do Revenge, a new Netflix feature Maya Hawke. Here, she eliminates Demogorgons for drama, playing Eleanor, a teen who has trouble with gossip. She and a classmate who is in a similarly complicated situation unite to make a retaliation.

A pair of documentaries will awaken you from the comfort of the episode. Netflix''s Sins of Our Mother explores an unimaginable series of murders, while Peacock''s is the home of a drama film that deserves a second chance after its ad campaign was dissipatted. Meanwhile, Prime Video''s new thriller is required.

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As he strives to reintegrate into society, John Boyega (Attack The Block, Star Wars: The Last Jedi) has taken a break from his larger blockbusters. A modern-day Afternoon sees him star as Brian Brown-Easley, a Marine veteran, down on his luck.

The fact that Brian decides to rob a bank is so bad that he can''t hear his message, so he has a tough time approaching the bank, as he''s attempting to ensure everyone gets the assistance and assistance they need along the way. Boyega''s dramatic performance, which is the glue separating the film.

Purchase it on Apple/iTunes (opens in a new tab) and other services right now.

Hell of a Cruise (Peacock)

Cruises are almost an afterthought of modern society. We know people go on them, and some admirers rent out a whole vessel. But they''re not a massive purchase. It''s more than reasonable if you forgot or never saw the Diamond Princess cruise ship''s 2020 launch that is now one of the most famous locations in the world.

Hell of a Cruise, a feature-length documentary that debuts on Peacock this week, is in play. Comprised of original self-shot videos from passengers and interviews with passengers, this documentary aims to demonstrate how badly this situation was.

Peacock will stream it on your computer beginning tomorrow (Wednesday, Sept. 14)

The Last Duel (Hulu)

Some movies show how it''s not appropriate to portray a film''s quality. And those who thought about The Last Duel and didn''t skip it after seeing a trailer mostly focused on Ben Affleck in a bad wig see this film as a recognizable example of a film that is undermined by its own publicity.

The title of Jean de Carrouges (Matt Damon) and Marguerite (Jodie Comer) are a distinct part of the relationship. When Jean and Jacques join the ranks with their lord Count Pierre dAlencon (Ben Affleck), a man accusation of rape is sent into the last sanctioned duel.

Marguerite mocks her accusations of rape at Jacques, and then it''s duel time. Although some may see the film as its own Rashomon, its perspective changes don''t change the actual truths on screen. Affleck received kudos from critics for his modest performance.

Starting tomorrow, stream it on Hulu (opens in new tab) (Wednesday, Sept. 14)

Sins of Our Mother (Netflix)

The latest, disturbing video on Netflix tells the story of Lori Vallow, a woman well-liked in her community, but is now facing trial for murder and conspiracy to commit murder (with her fifth husband Chad) both accused of murdering J.J. and Tylee (two of Lori''s children) and Tammy (Chad''s ex-wife).

Colby, Lori''s deceased son, is able to assist in bringing this extremely complex and extremely troubling story together. If that wasn''t enough complexity and tragedy, there''s also the case with Lori''s brother Alex, who accusedly shot and killed her ex-husband Charles. Directed by Skye Borgman (Abducted in Plain Sight, Girl in the Picture).

Tomorrow (Wednesday, Sept. 14) stream it on Netflix (opens in a new tab).

Do Revenge (Netflix)

Do Revenge, a younger generation''s introduction to Hitchcockian suspense (as it''s inspired by Strangers on a Train), is a complex relationship between high school students, including Drea (Camilla Mendes) and Eleanor, who has been leaked a topless video of Drea that was just for her boyfriend, and Eleanor is accused of threatening to put her down and kissing her. Now, Drea and Eleanor will do each other

Starting Friday (Sept. 16) for streaming on Netflix (opens in new tab).

Goodnight Mommy (Prime Video)

Children should not have to be concerned about anything that is actually harmful. Especially about one of their parents'' identities. In this shocking-looking Prime Video Original, featuring Naomi Watts as the woman who might not be the mother of young Elias (Cameron Crovetti) and Lucas (Nicholas Crovetti).

What are these boys to do when ''Mother'' isn''t acting like her regular self? Things become tense as ''Mother'' asks that she and her boys keep some new secrets.

Starting Friday (Sept. 16): Stream it on Prime Video (opens in new tab).

Mija (Disney Plus)

Doris Munoz, a daughter of undocumented migrants, has been in constant turmoil and trouble for years (including deportation of her brother Jose). However, once she finds herself on the verge of success in the music industry, she realizes she''sn''t well-equipped enough for its challenges. After meeting Jacks Haupt, a Chicana singer and musician, the two pair plead for their mutual respect.

Starting Friday (Sept. 16) on Disney Plus, you may stream it.