The PyTorch Foundation has been announced by Meta

The PyTorch Foundation has been announced by Meta ...

The PyTorch Framework, which it has been working on for the last six years, will be managed by the PyTorch Foundation, which will itself be a part of the Linux Foundation. AMD, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Meta, Microsoft Azure, and NVIDIA will be among the members of the Foundation.

The PyTorch framework has been developed openly over the years, and has been endorsed under a liberal BSD licence. Over the years, a total of 150,000 projects have been involved, including Teslas Autopilot and Ubers Pyro.

The new PyTorch Foundation claims to follow four fundamentals in the future: (1) remain open, (3) maintaining neutral branding, (3) maintaining fairness, and (4) forging a strong technical identity. With so many companies being involved with the board, the foundation will strive to separate business from the organization''s technical governance.

While Meta is handing over the reins of the project, it will continue to invest in PyTorch and use it as the primary tool in its artificial intelligence research and production. The transfer will result in minimal disruption, with the code, the core project, and developer operating models all remaining the same.