As long as you don't want to damage your iPhone 14, it might cost you more time to repair

As long as you don't want to damage your iPhone 14, it might cost you more time to repair ...

We''d recommend going to great lengths to ensure that your iPhone 14 lasts as long as possible - slap on a case, follow good battery health practices, and use a screen protector.

Apple will pay $99 for a battery repair on the iPhone 14, which is a significant increase over the $69 cost that you''ll be paying for the same repair on the iPhone 13. In the United Kingdom, the increase has been even greater, as the last year''s 69 price has been replaced by a remarkable 105 cost.

Sure, the UK''s economy isn''t doing great right now, but that''s one significant price rise for the same service as you expected last year.

Yes, the battery packs in the iPhone 14 series are basically the same size as the iPhone 13 versions, with slight increases or decreases for certain models, but no significant changes.

It''s not that the iPhone 14 is much more demanding to repair in any particular way, as far as well can tell at least - and that conclusion appears particularly likely when you consider that the standard iPhone 14 is almost identical specs and design-wise to its predecessor.

What''s the deal with this price rise, then, then, is it down to economics, and you might have noticed that it''s quite a turbulent planet right now, and the cost of components manufacturing and logistics have likely decreased. Apple must save these costs by increasing the price of its phones, according to reports. The iPhone 14 series is in a tremendous price rise, unlike the iPhone 13 models.

Hopefully, this repair price increase is only temporary, and we may see the iPhone 15 return to the $69 / 69 cost like previously. For now, as we said, you''d better look after your iPhone, because it''s already a far cry from a contender for our list of inexpensive phones.