WatchOS 9 has added a new Compass app that has been completely updated with wayfinding capabilities

WatchOS 9 has added a new Compass app that has been completely updated with wayfinding capabilities ...

WatchOS 9 is now available to Apple Watch users. After three months of beta testing, the company highlighted several features that are now available, but stayed a few for the release of new Watches, such as the extreme-sports version Apple Watch Ultra last week. One of the new features available with watchOS 9 is the redesigned Compass app with wayfinding integration.

According to Apple, the redesigned watchOS 9 Compass app provides more in-depth information and new zoomable views, including a hybrid view that simultaneously displays an analog compass dial, as well as a digital view. The Compass app also reveals an additional view that includes latitude, longitude, elevation, and incline, as well as an orienteering view showing Compass Waypoints and Backtrack.

Both are explained by Apple:

Backtrack is able to generate a GPS map showing where the user has been, which is useful if the user is lost or disoriented and needs help retracing their steps. Compass Waypoints are a quick and easy way to see a location or point of interest directly in the app. Tapping the Compass Waypoint icon shows a waypoint in a precise direction, as well as an approximation of how far away it is.

WatchOS 9''s new Compass app can, according to a Twitter user, create a waypoint when you park the vehicle.

During the Far Out keynote, Apple demonstrated how the new Action Button on Apple Watch Ultra can create waypoints so users may be able to find themselves even without an active internet connection by using the new Compass with watchOS 9.

A revamped Workout app, Afib history information, several new and improved Watch Faces, and more are included in the new operating system.

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Matt Birchler (@mattbirchler) September 8, 2022