The low-power ratio on Apple Watch is exactly what it calls for your smartwatch's battery life

The low-power ratio on Apple Watch is exactly what it calls for your smartwatch's battery life ...

Apple Watch''s battery life has been the greatest change in years. Although the smartwatch did already have a last-ditch Power Reserve setting, now users can be more proactive in keeping battery.

Apple has announced reduced power consumption with the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra, but the feature actually works with existing devices that have been updated to watchOS 9, the Apple Watch Series 4 or newer, or all of the watchOS 9 supported devices.

What does it do? The short answer is that it extends the Apple Watch battery life. And as someone who used the Apple Watch for years, low power mode addresses one of my frequent complaints.

Even with many of the best smartwatches on the market right now, the Apple Watch is starting to catch up, keeping its battery life at 36 hours, according to Apple estimates. The Apple Watch Ultra, however, can last up to 60 hours.

Apple Watch low power mode: What does it do?

Certain features are sacrificed in order to last the Apple Watch for more than two days. Always-On Display, which has been available for Apple Watch Series 5, (and is a feature of the iPhone 14 Pro, by the way.) Since the Apple Watch SE (2022) does not have an Always-On Display, it will not make a difference for the new $249 smartwatch.

Apple Watch''s low-power mode also disables background heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen readings (Apple Watch Series 6 and newer.) It also stops automatic exercise tracking for eligible exercise types.

While running isn''t an option, you can also turn off low power mode in the Workout menu. When this is enabled, heart rate and GPS demands are reduced during workouts where you dont need as much information. Walking is a good example of a low-power workout you''d like to do, while race training isn''t.

Finally, Apple Watch will be limited in low-power mode, with the Apple Watch checking for important updates every hour.

How to turn on low power mode on Apple Watch

Tap the bubble that shows your battery percentage and toggle on low-power mode to turn on low-power mode.

You''ll be prompted to examine the effect of low power mode, with the option to turn the feature on for a certain period. Low power mode may be switched on for one day, two days, or up to three days.