The Quest Pro headset for Metas is apparently shown on social media

The Quest Pro headset for Metas is apparently shown on social media ...

As the strap-it-to-your-face technology becomes more widespread, we are seeing increasing number of VR headsets on the market. We know that Meta is working on a Quest Pro headset, which we anticipate to see later this year.

Meta has kept in touch with the new headset for over a minute. According to some social media posts, we might know what it is like.

The Quest Pro, which was originally shared on Facebook, depicted both the device itself and the accompanying packaging. In a post for Oculus Quest 2 owners, the images were then followed up with a brief video.

Cardenas explains that he discovered the device left in a hotel room before nabbing it. It would not be the first time that left-behind prototypes made it to the web. However, the video does imply that the packaging does not appear to be for branding similarity, or there might be some tweaking. It''s possible, after all, that the headsets are the real deal.

Lol, somebody left Metas next VR headset in a hotel room. Meta Quest Pro, announcement next month.

On the alleged Quest Pro, we see a new camera array with multiple snappers for room detection. It may have just been removed from the headset. Finally, we see some new handsets which resemble Metas'' teasers who have removed the tracking rings and placed them on some cameras instead.

As with all leaks, we will not know if the product is working until the shelves are cleared. We are expecting the Quest Pro to be released at Metas'' annual Connect event on 11 October. For now, you can just have to wait and see what the new headset offers.

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