Former telecoms regulator filed a antitrust complaint against Apple in Mexico; it's not difficult to guess why

Former telecoms regulator filed a antitrust complaint against Apple in Mexico; it's not difficult to ...

This time in Mexico, an apple antitrust complaint has been filed. This one thing is that it has been filed by the former head of the country''s telecoms regulator.

The peculiarity of a former regulator filing a complaint is likely explained by the fact that the individual in question is now a freelance consultant.


Apple is facing a triad of antitrust investigations and lawsuits around the globe, with the App Store on the tete.

Apple asserts that it does not have a dominant position in this market, as it considers the appropriate market to be either smartphones or apps. Since the company has a minor share of the smartphone market in most of the countries in which it operates, it cannot be considered to have a dominant position.

Competition regulators tend to argue that the appropriate market is iOS apps, and here Apple has a 100% ownership in their sale and distribution. Despite the Edge case, there is no way for a developer to move an iOS app to market without selling it via the app store.

Companies like Epic Games argue that they should be permitted to sell in-app purchases without the benefit of Apple. Logic is that Apple has harmful developers by taking part of their income and consumers by forcing developers to charge more to compensate for Apple''s drop. Apple, in response, claims that it is perfectly normal for a company to reduce sales it facilitates.

Mexican Apple antitrust complaint

Reuters reports that both Apple and Google are targeted in this new complaint.

After a complaint was filed by Apple and Google, the country''s former telecoms chief said he had filed a complaint in a tweet on Twitter.

Mony de Swaan Addati, who once headed the former telecoms federation, gave me the complaint to IFT yesterday.

Apple and Google have filed a lawsuit alleging that their monopoly in app stores is to completely deter competition from their own payment processing systems.

Addati also suggests that rising taxes will also fuel inflation.

Addati had previously filed his complaint with the Mexican competition watchdog, which rejected it. He has now filed it with the telecoms regulator.

I am confident that the International Financial Times (IFT) will investigate and exercise its powers in accordance with international best practices so that these companies do not abuse their market power to the benefit of developers and consumers.

An antitrust complaint claims that Apple and Google''s App Store fees are a violation of a dominant market position.

A complaint is being filed by a former regulator. The reason for Addati''s involvement is likely to be a freelance telecoms consultant, and that he has filed his complaint on behalf of a client.

It''s certainly an epic move, and there''s something quite substantial about it. Can''t think who might be the driver, though.

Photo:Kaitlyn Baker/Unsplash