The Project Cambria leak might expose what Metas' next VR headset looks like early

The Project Cambria leak might expose what Metas' next VR headset looks like early ...

We are under a month away from when Metas'' next VR headset will be officially released to the world, but we may already have a good look at it due to a large leak.

At Meta Connect 2022, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg moderately teasing its announcement across Facebook posts and a podcast appearance.

A leaker claims to have discovered engineering samples of Project Cambria left behind in a hotel room. The leaked photographs (opens in a new tab) and a follow-up video by Ramiro Cardenas were initially shared on an Oculus Quest 2 Facebook group (opens in a new tab) before being shared on Reddit (opens in a new tab).

The first disclosure involves a Project Cambrias box, which looks quite similar to the Oculus Quest 2s version. The only variation is to the device''s name, as the leak appears to confirm the Meta Quest Pro product title as well as the box art, which shows Metas new headset in front of a similar swirling pink background that the Quest 2 appears in front of it.

The second leak (opens in a new tab) unfolds inside the box to give us a good look at Project Cambria. When the headset was first announced, the general shape matches up with the silhouette Meta, but we see a few new details.

The leaked headset appears to have several cameras on its front edge, which are placed roughly where a user would be looking though with them most likely there to assist facilitate Cambrias AR experiences. De plus, there is no overhead strap for the device, which indicates that it might be lighter than the Quest 2 and should sit comfortably on your face without one.

There is a headset on the headset''s back, which we hope will get the return of the original Oculus Quests IPD dial. This dial allowed users to gradually shift the distance between the Quests lenses to best suit the distance between their eyes, but the Quest 2 did it and instead offered users three desired distances.

The return of an IPD controlling dial should help make Project Cambrias less blurry for people who aren''t perfectly suited to Metas 58mm, 63mm, and 68mm presets.

Last but not least, we get shown a pair of controllers that match up with what wed heard about Project Cambrias handsets. They look just like the Oculus Quest 2s controllers, just in black and lacking the tracking ring instead, and the devices have been replaced by cameras on the controllers that we can see on several sides of the leaked device.

Analysis: Too good to be true?

This leak is quite substantial, but as we caution with all leaks, we should take the footage weve seen with a pinch of salt. Even if the leaked headset matches up perfectly with what weve seen about Project Cambria, that''s still not a guarantee that it is legitimate.

The fact that this leak does not reveal anything new like a different style box or a look at the systems digital UI might be a guess that it is a false. Instead, someone that developed a viral forgery would not want to get questioned about some unusual detail that we have never seen before, so theyd show us a headset that looks exactly like we expected so was more trusting of the footage.

Because the leaker easily claims that it has been obtained by the owner, we cannot see any more of the supposed headset.

Fortunately, we cannot wait until to discover if this leak is indeed our first look at Project Cambria with Meta Connect scheduled for October 11. You can be certain well be here, ready and waiting to tell you everything you need to know about the headset.

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