Before the Artemis I SLS Rocket's planned September 23, NASA replaces leak fuel seals

Before the Artemis I SLS Rocket's planned September 23, NASA replaces leak fuel seals ...

The US space agency announced that it intends to conduct a fuelling test to ensure that the new seal is working as intended. The American space agency also said it is planning a fuelling test on September 23 to send its Artemis I Moon rocket into space.

NASA announced in a blog post on Friday that it had successfully replaced the seals associated with the Artemis I SLS rocket leak. As previously stated, the leak forced the agency to stop its second attempt to launch its Moon rocket on September 3.

Both the 8-inch line used to fill and drain liquid hydrogen from the core stage, as well as the 4-inch bleed line used to redirect some propellant during tanking operations, were removed and replaced by engineers ahead of the next launch attempt.

According to NASA, the umbilical plates were reconnected and technicians performed inspections over the weekend, despite a demonstration of tanking.

NASA said it was planning a trip to Artemis I on September 23 for a new mission to space. NASA is said to have a 120-minute launch window on September 23 with the landing on October 18, and a 70-minute launch window on September 27 with the landing on November 5. External teams are also planning to support additional dates in case of flexibility.

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NASA is also being commissioned to proceed with the testing required, followed by the launch. This will include preparations to ensure adequate supply of propellants and gases used in tanking operations, as well as flight operations planning.