The upcoming Ethereum merge will be added by Google

The upcoming Ethereum merge will be added by Google ...

After Ethereum''s Beacon Chain merger with Mainnet, it anticipates it to transition over to a proof-of-stake approach. Google has added a dynamic timer to its search results to help people keep track of when the merge will take place.

There is no definitive time that the merge will take place, and it depends on a variety of factors, including difficulty and hash rate. Google''s timer gathers the appropriate data to present a list of when the merge will take place, and the longer the timer gets, the closer these two bears will get.

Hey @VitalikButerin @drakefjustin, and other @ethereum folks, google "the merge" for a fun little surprise and appreciation. Everyone is so excited for what is coming and appreciative of the work that has been going into this for years.

Ethereum''s use of proof-of-stake is a controversial one for Ethereum. Rather than verifying every transaction using miners, Ethereum will employ validators. However, some believe this method is open to abuse as it might centralize power among a few individuals. On the flip side, crypto miners have recently helped stabilize Texas'' power grid to recover from a heat wave.

On June 18, the price of Ethereum dropped to a low of $880, but as the merger approaches, the price has climbed to $1,730 at the time of writing. In the future days, as the price of Ethereum expires, it will be interesting to see what happens.