It's not just you, but the Instagram app is playing well even when its muted

It's not just you, but the Instagram app is playing well even when its muted ...

Look, we all use Instagram when we probably shouldnt. Even when we were around other people, we open the app and tap through Stories spontaneously. It was a problem on the iPhone, but keep the switch flipped down and Instagram stays silent. Except, it does not.

No, it''s not just you: Instagram will not be silent anymore if you have your mute on. Infuriatingly, if you mute your phone while you on the Instagram app itll stop the sound for a bit, but the next Story you load or video you scroll past will go right back to blaring sound. And, yep, a lot of the audio on Instagram isn''t particularly significant.

Well, here''s what you cant do. At least, we haven''t been able to figure it out. It''s only temporary to start deinstalling and reinstall the app, logging out and back in, or restarting your phone.

The only way to keep Instagram from playing sound for the time being is to manually lower your phone system volume. Alternatively, you can drag down your Control Center with a swipe from the top-right corner of your screen, and slide the volume slider to the bottom of your phone to display a speaker with a line through it. Alternatively, you can use the volume down button on the back of your phone to do the same as if your phone does not have to change its ringtone volume with the volume buttons instead.

It''s probable that the company will be able to resolve the issue on the server side rather than sending out an app update. I hope they do it soon, and I must keep an eye on Reels while acting like Im paying attention to something else.