Microsoft Edge's top ten features are available

Microsoft Edge's top ten features are available ...

A lot of people use Microsoft software on a regular basis. This does not include Windows as an operating system, but also other applications. Naturally, these users demand a variety of features that they want to improve the UX or overall workflows.

Microsoft has a wide spectrum of dedicated portals for most of its mainstream software, including Windows 11, Teams, Outlook, OneDrive, the Microsoft Store, and Widgets. Today, we will be listing the top ten features that the public is requesting for the Redmond tech company''s latest browser, Microsoft Edge.

As usual, we will only be listing issues that are "open" and managed by upvote count on the Feedback portal. Note that this list may cover multiple platforms and does not only include Windows. This time, we have added snippets of more details in each line item about what a particular request entails, but Microsoft has not officially responded to any feedback pieces.

Let''s get started with this concept with a little extra effort.

The requests are certainly interesting, especially given that certain areas aren''t really niche. For example, extension support and multiple profiles on the internet may benefit a significant number of users.

It''s a bit disappointing as usual to see that Microsoft hasn''t responded to any open feedback item. The company appears to be quite active on the Microsoft Edge Insider forums, but it isn''t really a dedicated platform for feature requests. Edge should be the central platform for interactive feedback, but the company appears to be mostly ignoring it.

Do you use Microsoft Edge? What other features would you like to include to the browser?