Lucky Luna, a new Netflix game, is Pac-Man and Wario Land

Lucky Luna, a new Netflix game, is Pac-Man and Wario Land ...

Have you ever played a new game that feels completely fresh while simultaneously hitting a nostalgic nerve? A new game that has just been released, but allows you to recall some of the previous titles you haven''t played in years?

Lucky Luna, a new mobile game that pushed me outside of my comfort zone, is now available on Netflix, and although I never thought I would never touch the streaming services games, I''m glad I gave this one a try. It reintroduced me back to the times of some of Nintendo''s most popular titles.

DS days

I have a relatively large set of game genres I enjoy: action games, JRPGs, and traditional platformers. After not venturing outside of my area for a while, I discovered Lucky Luna as the first player to develop the genre''s usual gameplay philosophy. It''s a platformer that takes the game on its head with a smile that feels just out of the DSi and WiiWare era.

Lucky Luna has some sidecrolling platformer elements, but is mostly focused on vertical exploration. I spelunk left and right to move my character through a maze of platform and mine shafts. I was given the option of collecting rocks that basically act as coins, collecting secret tiles, and approaching levels fairly quickly. In addition to doing so, I attempted to achieve a 100% completion rate on all levels.

All this is achieved to create a platformer that feels like a cross between Pac-Man and Wario Land. It''s a simple, intuitively controlled experience that immediately hooked me as I tried to complete my stage runs. However, this vertical platformer has an additional twist: it''s impossible to jump.

This simple error gives the mobile game its unique flavor. Instead of jumping, you must go against enemies and use environment elements like water spouts to make leaps or slow your fall. It''s such a simple concept, but its all packaged in an way that kept me coming back for more as I was driven to overcome every challenge with the best scores possible.

While the unique hooks make Lucky Luna a popular mobile game, the aesthetics remained forever. Lucky Luna is a very modern game based on detailed sprite artwork. Everything has a cool-toned, neon-ish, smooth look, creating an excellent atmosphere for our mysterious protagonist, Luna, to explore while discovering her memories.

Lucky Luna feels like a game from an earlier period that brought me back to a time when companies would take gambles with smaller releases, starting them on early digital storefronts like Xbox Arcade, DSiWare, and WiiWare. If this is the route Netflix is moving in repurposing that era of hidden gem curiosities for mobile devices, then I might need to pay more attention to what games are available with my subscription, rather than simply rewatch One Piece.

If you have a Netflix account, Lucky Luna is now available on iOS and Android devices.