The Nvidia RTX 4060 GPU leak suggests it's quite weak, but is it true?

The Nvidia RTX 4060 GPU leak suggests it's quite weak, but is it true? ...

The Nvidias RTX 4060 might be a disappointment, at least compared to the next-generation Lovelace graphics cards further up the range, or that''s the impression of one of the regular hardware leakers on Twitter.

This time, Kopite7kimi has tweeted a typical Time Spy Extreme score. These pre-release statements are something the leaker has done a lot lately for Lovelace cards for AD106, which is the GPU that is believed to power the RTX 4060.

The typical TSE score for AD106 is 7000. Both AD106 and AD107 are using PCIE x8.September 10, 2022

The GPU''s average score is just under 7,000, which if you are in the right ballpark and remember, punishes the operator with a slew of salt here has been met with some dissatisfactory Twitter.

According to Kopite7kimi, AD106 and AD107 (the latter being the chips for the card under the 4060, presumably the RTX 4050) will employ eight PCIe lanes rather than 16 as with graphics cards higher up the range. That means the RTX 4060 (and the cards lower down) will have less bandwidth to benefit from.

Analysis: Putting things into perspective

We cannot believe if it is fair to label this leak or rough performance prediction as disappointing. That Time Spy Extreme result estimates that the RTX 4060 at the same performance level as the RTX 3070 or thereabouts, which is hardly a crying shame. Indeed, its a solid generational leap, and one similar to the RTX 3060, which roughly equated to the RTX 2070.

If you were hoping for something greater than the performance seen with the current generation of Nvidia graphics cards, then yes, it''s a bit disappointing. Perhaps the problem is that some leaks have suggested some major improvements for the RTX 4070, and also weve heard about overdoubling the performance, generation-on-generation, with the flagship RTX 4090 thus gamers may have been setting expectations higher for the RTX 4060 as a result.

While the leaked performance here is not surprising, it''s possible that the cut to 8 PCIe lanes remember, the RTX 3060 supported 16 which if true will mean the GPU will likely lose some performance on older PCs (which do not have a PCIe 4.0 motherboard). Even on PCIe 3.0 systems, however, any frame rate decrease due to constraints is likely to be relatively modest (albeit nonetheless annoying to those users, no doubt).

Don''t forget that another unknown here is the price tag might the cut in PCIe lanes suggest that Nvidia might be planning to launch the RTX 4060 at a (slightly) affordable level than the RTX 3060? Well, it''s an interesting thought, as well as a reminder that its not just about raw performance with GPUs, that price/performance ratio is the fundamental part of the puzzle.

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