This weekend, check out the one Apple TV Plus episode

This weekend, check out the one Apple TV Plus episode ...

Apple TV Plus has had a strong year, with shows such as Severance, Blackbird, and Physical in appointing their ranking on our top three streaming services. But while Ted Lasso season 3 continues to be tortuous, when is it coming back? Apple TV Plus does have a different feel good hit that is well worth, urm, and trying.

Ive already written several articles about Trying, arguing that it''s just as good as Coach Lassos adventures, and the third season of the breezy comedy series just concluded last week. Im pleasantly surprised to report its every bit as good as its predecessors, combining an optimistic tone with light humor and forming a cast of extremely likable characters. However, the show is also fantastic in tackling dark moments, allowing more serious storylines to be channeled into a much enjoyable viewing experience.

If youre a Apple TV Plus subscriber who hasn''t discovered the joys of this easy-watching program, you have already had 24 episodes to catch up on. That''s roughly 12 hours of content, which should be more than enough to reach you through a whole weekend, and perhaps even Monday evening. Still stuck on the fence? Allow me to once again try to convince you why Trying is absolutely worth your time.

You wont have to try hard to like this show

Nikki Newman (Esther Smith) and Jason Ross (Rafe Spall, a young(ish) couple who lives in London, are forced to adopt. This is the start of a slew of trials and tribulations as they try to navigate the difficult process of proving they are capable of raising a small human to the authorities and themselves.

The show really excels in large part because of the perfect relationship between Smith and Spall. Nikki and Jason are very easy to buy into both as a couple and as individuals. Nikki is the wide-eyed admirer of the pair, while Jason is somewhat more cynical, with excellent dry jokes that made me laugh often.

I also appreciate that Trying isnt afraid to get a little more serious dealing with complicated subject issues like Nikkis'' absence of professional fulfillment or Jasons mother''s personal regrets. Of course, it never does depict the world as just sunshine and rainbows, but it is also appreciated even in a comedy series.

There are currently three seasons of Trying on Apple TV Plus, and each season has a pretty clear narrative drive that is introduced and concluded within eight episodes. I wont spoil where season two and three go (Although you might be aware that this isnt a show that aims to meet your expectations), but I liked the subtle ways each season differs from what it did before. Trying does not deviate from its core tone, but each collection of episodes is distinct enough to not feel repetitive.

It''s a charming little show, and although it''s certainly not as large as some of Apple TV Plus'' most ambitious projects, it''s still considered one of the services'' finest.

Dont just take my word for it either

If the many articles I have written to date that praised Trying still haven''t convinced you to give it a shot, then what do you need to do at this point, perhaps the overwhelming positive critical reception will persuade you to press the play button.

The first season of Trying season 1 has received an 86% and has been awarded a Verified Fresh badge. Trying season 2 received an even warmer reception, with a perfect 100% again over on Rotten Tomatoes (opens in new tab) and although Trying season 3 does not have an RT critics score, it does have a very good 85% audience score.

Apple has already confirmed that Attempt has been renewed for a fourth season (opens in a new tab) and I hope to see Nikki and Jason return soon. If you''ve yet to meet them, then there''s no time like the present.