iPhone 15 information from an Apple insider

iPhone 15 information from an Apple insider ...

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Tim Cook hasn''t even had his breath after the iPhone 14 launch, and the rumour industry is already churning out hot takes about the iPhone 15.

While most of these hot takes are pure speculation, I''ve spent enough time tracking Apple rumors to see that analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is always worth listening to. In a series of tweets (opens in a new tab) Kuo made some clever comments about the future trajectory of the iPhone 15 and it''s a mix of good news and bad.

Because some even better technology is coming, bad because the tech divide between the standard iPhone 15 and the Pro and Ultra models, which we anticipate the Pro Max to be called in future, is going to become even larger.

According to Kuo, it''s all about the ASP.

How Apple might split the iPhone 15 range

The average price we pay for iPhones of every model is exactly what it is: the more expensive models the ASP and the more money Apple invests. So it looks like the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max will follow the same process previously seen, with significant differences in technology between the standard and the Pro versions.

"It''s the best practice in a sustainable product segmentation strategy," Kuo declares, adding more sales/profits in a mature market."

One technique of doing this would be to make the differences between the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus more profound. For example, the screen size of the iPhone 14 is the same as with the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. If Apple also differed the different products in different ways, say, by offering different storage levels, different camera technology (such as the long-rumoured periscope lens we expect to see in next year''s Pro models), then it might charge more for each step upwards. That''s not great news

The most interesting thing Kuo has to say about Apple''s position versus Android is that "though hardware innovation has become more challenging and the market has matured," says the author. That''s because I''m very unlikely to switch to Android when you invest in Apple''s entire ecosystem iPhone, Mac, Apple TV, Apple One, and so on. Unlike the iPhone 15 Pro, I''m very unlikely to ship to one of the best Android phones instead. And that voluntary lock-in is something Apple seems keen to exploit.