In three new games, Assassins Creed will divide Japan, China, and beyond

In three new games, Assassins Creed will divide Japan, China, and beyond ...

At Ubisoft Forward 2022, Ubisoft devoted a whole stream segment to the Assassins Creed franchise. The block included four projects, including a mobile game, a new mainline title, an experience hub, and another flagship game.

The most significant of these announcements is the next mainline Assassins Creed game by Ubisoft Quebec, currently dubbed Assassins Creed: Codename Red. Like the most recent flagship entries in the series, Codename Red is merging the globetrotting open-world series to a new country and culture with a feudal Japan setting. To top it all off, the main character of the game is a shinobi. Not too much was said about the title, and it

Assassins Creed: Project Hexe is a sequel to the previous series, with Clint Hocking, an ex-LucasArts and Valve designer and director, who created it. The title only got a quicker teaser with a Assassins Creed logo made from twigs hanging in the woods. Ubisoft notes that the game isn''t a traditional version, but it did not elaborate on how much of a departure it is.

Both of these titles will be featured in Assassins Creed Infinity, a curious new project from Ubisoft. Project Infinity is a game platform that will seamlessly tie several games together, although its unclear how that works. Ubisoft did mention, however, that it is experimenting with a standalone multiplayer Assassins Creed titles, which would also be featured in the hub.

Assassins Creed: Project Jade will be released on Netflix on July 13th.

No launch details have been given for the next titles, but Ubisoft claims that Infinity and the projects inside the game will go public in the coming years.