The iPhone 15 Pro has been slated to receive several major upgrades and a new Ultra name

The iPhone 15 Pro has been slated to receive several major upgrades and a new Ultra name ...

With the iPhone 14 release now safely navigated, the next flagship phone from Apple will be the iPhone 15 in 2023, and one well-placed source has predicted that the iPhone 15 Pro Max model will include some major upgrades to further distinguish it from the standard iPhone 15.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst who works in a new tab, claims that "Apple will help differentiate iPhone 15 Pros and iPhone 15 standard models" in order to increase orders for the more expensive pair of handsets.

Plus, Kuo believes, there will be a greater gap between the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max in terms of specs and features. This increase in segmentation should result in greater sales and increased earnings, according to Kuo.

The Ultra iPhone

As yet, we don''t know what these differences will be. This doesn''t come as a surprise, given that the iPhone 15 series will follow the lead of the iPhone 14 handsets by giving the Pro models brand new chipsets, while the standard models are improved.

This year, the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max are powered by the new A16 Bionic processor, while the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus are compatible with the A15 Bionic CPU that was previously used in all iPhone 13 handsets.

According to Bloomberg''s Mark Gurman, who has a good track record with Apple predictions, the iPhone 15 Pro Max might well be called the iPhone 15 Ultra, but it will differ from the rest of the line.

Analysis: Apple always wants to sell more iPhones.

The days when Apple would sell a single iPhone every year have brought a long way: now, we''re all habituated to getting multiple models, in various sizes, while older models remain on sale as more affordable options. There''s also the iPhone SE, which was once again updated in 2022.

More choice means more people are upgrading their iPhones or switching over from Android, and with that in mind, it makes sense that Apple would want to differentiate between its devices even more in the future.

What we''ve seen this year, with the Pro models getting a better processor and the Dynamic Island, is the start of something new.

It''s not surprising that consumers will be disappointed that there''s a greater choice of iPhones to choose from across several pricing options, but it makes choosing the right handset more difficult. Processor speed, screen size, color options, battery life, and more all must be taken into account.

Apple is using the same approach for its smartwatches right now, and of course has been releasing several iPad models for years now. We''ll do our best to explain everything in detail for you, and we''ll anticipate plenty more leaks and rumors in the future.